Potty Training Survival Kit with Free Printable Potty Chart

Potty training is no easy task, but with these essentials on hand you’ll be prepared!  Here at Kids Activities Blog we’ve  partnered with our sponsor, Kandoo, to help  you assemble what  you’ll need to survive potty training.  We’ve also created an adorable and handy free printable potty chart that is sure to help motivate your little one to go diaper free!

potty training survival kit

For You’re  Potty Training Survival Kit You’ll Need

The Essentials

potty training essentials

Helpful Extras

  • Treats to use as  rewards
  • Carpet cleaner
  • Extra clean clothes
  • Chocolate for mom

Free Printable Potty Chart

free printable potty chart

This rainbow potty chart is a great way to help your child track their potty training progress!  The rainbow design is fun and gender neutral.  You can write your child’s name in the banner at the top.  Then draw stars or place stickers in the spaces each time they use the potty.  At first you might want to give a star for each attempt or even each step of the process: asking to go, pulling down pants, sitting, wiping, flushing, and washing hands.  As they get the hang of things you might want to just do stars for each successful use of the potty.  For extra incentive, each row of stars can equal a prize.

Click here to download and print:  Free Printable Potty Chart

Kandoo  Makes Potty Training EasierKandoo products

Kandoo Flushable Wipes are a potty training mom’s best friend!  Wipes are so much easier and more effective than toilet paper and since these are flushable, it makes the whole operation so much simpler.  Older children can also benefit from these flushable wipes, especially when  they are wiping without assistance.  In fact, that’s the cool thing about Kandoo; the easy to use wipes, fun smelling hand soap, and other great products, are specially designed  encourage independence.  You can find a coupon here.

This post was sponsored by Kandoo.  As always, all opinions and content  are my own.  Thank you so much for supporting our sponsors.

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