8 Potty Training Tips From A Current Potty Training Mom

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Potty training is no easy task and unless you have some crazy amount of luck, potty training will not happen overnight for your child.

The good news?

Every parent experiences the same (or some of the same) potty training problems. Sometimes knowing you are not alone is what helps keep those last remaining strands of hair from falling out of your head. So today we are partnering with Procter & Gamble to share 8 Potty Training Tips From A Current Potty Training Mom (hey, that’s me!).8-potty-training-tips-from-a-current-potty-training-mom-featured

Watch below for a live video conversation we had with moms over on Quirky Momma about the process of potty training!

8 Potty Training Tips From A Current Potty Training Mom

As I mentioned before, potty training isn’t easy but with some help from a mom that has been there, done that (and is also currently doing that) you can make the experience positive for both you and your child. With our first son, potty training seemed to come quite easy but with our youngest, it is a bit more of a challenge. Each child is different and so is each potty training journey. So hang on mom and dad, some potty training tips are coming your way…

  • Ensure it is the right time. With potty training, timing is everything. You will know when your child is ready to potty train because your child will give you signs such as asking to go the potty, showing interest, pulling at their diaper, etc. Rushing potty training is never good for anyone involved and can give your child a bad feeling about it. Waiting until the time is right, will make it easier and more enjoyable for everyone and when that time comes, never look back. Keep working on it until your child has made it through the journey.
  • Patience is everything. As parents our patience is constantly tested but I like to think the real test is when we potty train. It’s a new adventure for both you and your child so you have to remember to be patient throughout this process. Allow your child to take their time while going potty, allow accidents to happen and mostly importantly, never make your child feel bad for either of those. Another good thing to remember is to count even those times that your child is trying to go, a milestone! Trying is a step forward in the right direct and on average, it takes about 90 days for a child to master potty training so you’ve got time momma!
  • Sing “Let It Go”. Okay, I know all of us parents have probably heard that song way too many times (and I am sorry for getting it stuck into your head again). However, that song is so catchy and fun that kids love to dance and sing to it. It’s also perfectly appropriate for using on the potty. Just sing “Let It Go” to your kids and encourage them to let their pee go right into the toilet! Seriously, we do it and it works!
  • Allow your child to spend time in their birthday suit. Yes, I am encouraging you to allow your child to be naked simply because it’s a great trick that worked for us. I had heard before how some parents will book a weekend at home and allow their toddler to roam the house free and naked. I gave it a go and my son seems to be more interested in going to the potty even by himself. We have had a few accidents (which is expected) but overall, it has been something that has helped encourage him to go to the bathroom.
  • Reward good behavior. Think of a time when you received a bonus or some sort of reward for doing a good job in school or your place of employment. Remember that feeling of accomplishment? You can give that same feeling to your child by rewarding good potty behavior. A simple sucker, a sticker on a potty training chart, or even a big “hooray” will make your child excited and happy for their new accomplishment. We personally utilize the potty training chart and when my son gets 5 stickers, he gets a toy from the dollar store. I truly believe that consistency in rewarding the good behavior has been a blessing!
  • Never show signs of weakness. I have this theory that kids can smell fear. I swear when I am having a bad day, so is my toddler. When a child feels as if you are frustrated, upset, or even on the verge of giving up, they tend to feed on that energy (this at least seems true for me). You want this to remain as positive and happy as possible so don’t let your child see those times you may feel this isn’t working. It all takes time, patience, and consistency to be successful in potty training so just keep those positive vibes going and your child will follow.
  • Ditch nighttime fluids. Another hard habit to break is the nighttime feedings when your child is being breastfeed or even bottle fed. As your child gets older, they don’t need as many fluids throughout the night. In fact, these can actually make potty training (especially through the night) much harder. With our son, we weaned him off his nighttime bottles and then made him drink something about an hour before bed, use the potty, and then go to sleep. It has helped keep nighttime and early morning accidents at bay.
  • Use training pants. Obviously, it isn’t idea for your child to be naked 100% of the time which is where training pants come in handy. Training pants are meant to fit and feel more like underwear so your child feels like the big kid they really are. This time around we used the New Pampers Easy-Ups and they have worked well in helping us potty train our 2-year-old. In fact, I’ve liked them so much, I am going to give you a few more details about them below.8-potty-training-tips-from-a-current-potty-training-mom3

Training Pants Are The Cool New Way to Potty Train!

When it’s time to ditch the diapers you have a few options: You can allow your child to go straight for underwear (but beware of lots of accidents ahead) or you can use training pants. I chose the training pants route and for good reason!

Training pants give your child the protection of a diaper without the feeling of a diaper. The Pampers Easy-Ups looks, fits and feels like real underwear. They are easy for a toddler to pull on and off – 60% of moms say pulling pants up and down is hardest task for toddler. Pampers Easy Ups is preferred by 50% more moms for being easier to pull up and down which I can attest to!

My son was actually really excited to put these on and even posed for the camera… “Cheese!”


Another thing that I love about the Pampers Easy-Ups is that these can be used daytime, nighttime, or any time you are potty training your child. No need to buy more than one product, it’s the only training pant you really need for this adventure. 8-potty-training-tips-from-a-current-potty-training-mom2

Want to give these a try yourself? You can find the Pampers Easy-Ups at your local Babies R Us and they are currently offering these deals:

  • From 9/12-10/13 snag 2 for $18 Pampers Easy Ups Jumbo Packs (Reg. $9.99)
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You can also take the Potty Training Quiz to find out how much you really know about potty training!

Potty Training Discussion {Live Video}

We had such a good time with this discussion!  A big thanks to all those who participated.

So pick up a pack and utilize these potty training tips. You and your child will be potty training masters in no time!

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