With Summer approaching, it’s time to make sure our backyards are ready for all sorts of fun in the sun.

With socially distancing expected to continue for the next few months, it’s also a good time to bring the playground to the backyard pool. That’s one of the reasons why we love this giant, inflatable Sea-saw Rocker floatie from Swimline. It’s a sea-saw for the pool!

Sea-saw rocker
Source: Amazon

At 90 inches long and 36 inches wide, it’s basically a huge floatie toy in a bright yellow color. In other words: a great addition to your backyard pool, and made for hours upon hours of fun. 

It’s designed with two seats that are about 17 inches wide. There’s also two sets of built-in handles, making it easy for kids to hang on when they’re rocking back and forth.

Sea-saw rocker
Source: Amazon

While the manufacturer recommends that only two kids at a time use it, the ginormous sea-saw is plenty big enough to comfortably hold multiple kiddos. While hanging out on the inflatable seats, kids can float, relax, sway, and of course rock back on forth on it too.

Made out of heavy gauge vinyl, the extra large floatie was designed to withstand plenty of rocking and rolling. It’s a perfect inflatable floatie for a day at the pool since it’s great for both relaxing and playing.

While Swimline markets the product for kids, kids of all ages (at least four years old and up) can enjoy the pool waves with this awesome sea-saw rocker floatie. So yes, adults, hop on board… as long as everyone aboard doesn’t exceed more than 195 pounds.  

Swimline sea-saw
Source: Amazon

As Summer gets underway, let’s make our backyards a playground! The sea-saw floatie is an awesome addition to the pool. With so many fun ways to use it, it’s sure to keep your kids entertained for hours on end. 

This sea-saw rocker floatie is one of many inflatable pool toys from Sealine, a family-owned business that’s been around for decades. They also have an array of other floats, lounges, mats, and more. 

Swimline floaties
Source: Amazon

To get your very own inflatable sea-saw, head on over to Amazon and snag it up for just $55.93 (and get free shipping if you’re a Prime member too!) 


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