While you’re looking for new things to do with your children, Dairy Queen is stepping up with ideas to keep them busy too.
Courtesy of DQ Play at Home
No, it’s not taking a ride to get a Blizzard or a Slush through their drive-thru, although we completely understand if you have that on your to-do list.  Instead, Dairy Queen has created a series of play at home downloads you can use with your kids to help keep them entertained.
Courtesy of DQ Play at Home
There are four downloads for families to enjoy, filled with games and ideas for indoors and in your own backyard:
  • Camp In helps you explore the great outdoors in your own living room complete with a guide to making shadow puppets and expending some energy at the same time.
  • Playbook has ideas for how to turn down time into game time, with games that are easy to play with just the people in your own home.
Courtesy of DQ Play at Home
  • Happy Chats features cards you can print to get the conversation flowing and the smiles glowing, with silly and serious questions you can pose to each other.
  • Coloring Book, as the name implies, has printable pages for you to color and illustrate to feed your inner artist.
Courtesy of DQ Play at Home
All printable are free on the DQ Play at Home Site and may just inspire some new ideas to keep you busy!  And we totally understand if you still take that road trip for a Blizzard to go.
Courtesy of DQ Play at Home


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