Your Kids Can Receive A Message Directly From Peter B. Parker From ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse’

If your kids love watching Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse then they will love hearing Peter B. Parker’s message to them!

Jake Johnson provided a super fun freebie.

kids listen to stephen p barker message

Peter B. Parker from Into the Spiderverse

Many kids are enjoying the extra screen time while being cooped up at home. They are watching their favorite shows and loving every minute of it. Celebrities know this and are finding ways to connect with their young fans.

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Celebrities that want to provide a little fun to kids are taking to their social media channels to tell parents how to go about doing just that. They are thinking outside of the box and finding ways to personalize their interactions for their fans who are stuck at home.

Your kids will love this message from Peter B Parker

Your Spiderverse loving kids can receive a voice message from Peter B Parker himself for free.

All you have to do is shoot a quick email with their name over to Jake Johnson (plays Peter B Parker in the movie) at and he will respond.

This could easily be used as a fun surprise to cheer up your kiddos who are missing their friends. Jake Johnson is making kids smile at a time when they could use it most. 


Peter B. Parker
Courtesy of Deadline

Send Jake an email and wait for his voice message to light up a smile on your kids face. They will be so excited to hear from Peter B. Parker. Want more fun things to do while you are stuck at home? Check out our growing list!

Peter B. Parker


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