We are super excited that our dear friend, Cathy James, has a lovely new book out!  It is called The Garden Classroom (affiliate link).It is full of math, science, literacy and art hands-on outdoor activities.  Today we are playing with one of the activities from the book and making a fun outdoor game.

Outside Bingo Printable - Kids Activities Blog

The Garden Classroom

Cathy James is the mother of 2 daughters and has been an online friend of ours for a long time!  Her site, NurtureStore is jammed with fun things to do with kids.  She wrote The Garden Classroom to promote outdoor learning play!

The book is divided into 6 fun areas of “lessons”:

  • Let’s Grow!  Garden Basics
  • Play & Imagination
  • Reading & Writing
  • Science & Math
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Garden Recipes

My favorite part is the section for journaling.  It has cute art and open spaces to write, draw and doodle all your garden learning.

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The Garden Classroom - Kids Activities Blog

Let’s Play Outside Bingo!

One of the book’s activities is called “Minibeast Bingo”:

“The idea for minibeast bingo encourages children to observe carefully and chart all the different inhabitants of their garden.” – Cathy James

This activity combines so many of our favorite things…games, outdoors, playful learning, and fun.  We thought it would be fun to do a version of it and make some printables.

Outside Bingo Printable from Kids Activities Blog

Outside Bingo Printables

There are four pages of Outside Bingo in this set – 3 different board combinations and a set of happy, smiley face markers.

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The Garden Classroom suggests after you play a game to sit down and talk about the different things that were found.  Talk about each’s role in the garden ecosystem.

The Garden Classroom Blog Tour

We aren’t the only stop on the tour!  There are a bunch of other fun ideas and activities at other friends around the internet…

The Garden Classroom Blog Tour

So much garden fun!

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