Halloween is back! It’s one of my favorite times of the year. Who doesn’t love dressing up as their favorite fictional character while eating a bunch of candies?!

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halloween game
These printables are so much fun, your little ones won’t even realize they’re learning.

In fact, Halloween is also the perfect time of the year to practice our school lessons. Why? Because there’s just so much fun surrounding this time of the year, that kids won’t even know they are learning!

So that’s why today we are back with a new educational, spooky, and fun Halloween printable.

STEM activities for kids

What do you want to do today? If you are looking for activities that will make your child interested in science at an early age, check out these easy STEM activities for kids of all ages, from toddlers to teenagers.

Finding engaging activities for learning is super easy here. We have something for every kid no matter their age or mood. Reading, writing, STEM, science and so many other things can be learned through play! In fact, creating fun activities for elementary students is one of our biggest strengths.

For children who are even younger, we recommend making crafts and other easy activities for two year olds that will help them develop different skills needed in elementary school.

Why are memory games good for children?

halloween games
If your little ones love Halloween (we bet they do!) then you definitely need to print this matching game!

Playing matching games in pre-school will enhance children’s pattern recognition skills. Being able to match images and explain why they go together is important for cognitive skills and ability. Besides, matching games improve concentration, memory, and visual spatial intelligence.

So now that we know why memory games are good for toddlers, let’s print it!

Free Halloween Matching Game

We love this Halloween Game because it puts kids brain to work while having fun at the same time. We promise they won’t even know they’re learning!

You can play this memory game on a short car ride or whenever you need a quiet, screen-free activity.

This Halloween-themed memory matching game is the cutest and so easy to play: just print it, get some crayons and let your kid draw a line to connect the spooky pictures that match!

stem games
Matching games are a perfect way to help your kid work on their pattern recognition skills.

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