This scared boy has the best reaction to this scary story. We all grew up with scary stories. Some silly and some actually scary. But I don’t think I’ve ever had quite the reaction like this scared boy. I feel bad he gets scared, but the scared boy’s reaction is actually pretty precious. Check it out!

boy reacting to scary story video - Kids Activities Blog
This boy’s reaction to a scary story is priceless!

Scared Boy’s Funny Reaction To A Scary Story

If you’re like me, you grew up on the Scary Stories to Tell In the Dark book.

There was almost nothing better than a little tiny scare right before bedtime.

Especially this time of year, as the stores are filling up with pumpkins, and ghouls, and ghosts.

screenshot of video of boy being read a scary story by his mom
He doesn’t look convinced…

This little boy is really into the story his mama is telling, and loving every minute of it.

But then, mom decides to take the scaring one step further…

screenshot from video of mom and boy reading together
He seems more into the story now…

And he reacts in the best way possible!

boy screams at mom reading book scary story screenshot from video
That didn’t go over well!

It’s enough to make anyone laugh, and remind us of just how fun it is to be scared from time to time.

The best part is when mom asks him if he wants to go on.

Take a look!

Video of Mom Reading Scary Story to Son with Great Reaction

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How cute was this little boys reaction to the scary story?

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