Sometimes heroes come in small packages. Like 5 year old boys… It doesn’t take an adult to save someone’s life, sometimes even kids can become lifesavers.

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Kids can make heroic decisions in times of need…

Little Boy Saves His Mom’s Life

Sal is a 5 year old hero.  Here is his story…

Sal Cicalese is only five-years-old, but he’s already being hailed as a hero for saving his mother’s life.

It started after mom put Sal and his two-month-old baby sister to bed and decided to take a shower.

Sal heard a noise and went to check on his mom.

When he found her on the shower floor, he bundled his baby sister up in a blanket, opened the garage door and went to his neighbor’s house next door.

Neighbor, Jessica Penoyer, had no idea what was going on when she opened her door late at night and found the little boy standing on her step.

“At first I thought he was saying his dog died,” she told reporters.

After figuring out what he was really saying, Jessica immediately called 9-1-1.

“I was under the faucet,” his mom later said. “If Sal hadn’t done what he did, I would have died.”

Now Sal’s being honored for his courageous actions.

Take a look!

5 Year Boy Saves Mom’s Life Video


Do you think your child would think to do what Sal did?

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