Ice Cream Stops Every Day To Give His Favorite Customer A Cone! [Video]

We’ve all heard of the ‘dog days of summer’, but Benson the dog takes that to a whole new level!

Just like any other little kid, as soon as Benson hears the sound of the ice cream truck, he knows it’s time to beg mom for a nice, cool treat.

Ice Cream Stops Every Day to Give Favorite Customer a Cone Video - Kids Activities Blog
I like ice cream…

Luckily, unlike most kids, Benson doesn’t have to beg hard – he has an ‘in’ with an ice cream truck driver who absolutely adores him.

As Benson wanders up to the truck, it’s like they both know exactly what the other wants.

The driver gives him some basic commands, and Benson, knowing he’ll get ice cream out of the deal, does them happily.

Take a look!

Dog Gets Ice Cream Daily from Ice Cream Truck Video

Sadly, since this video was posted Benson has passed away.

I know his puppy mommy misses him so much, and I’m sure that ice cream truck driver will never forget his favorite ‘furry’ customer!

Thankfully, because of this video, we’ll never forget him, either!

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Would your dog be willing to take Benson’s place?  Mine would!


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