We animal lovers all have one certain thing in common: none of us can stand by and watch a poor defenseless animal who is suffering…and not help. This guy is definitely an animal lover at heart, and there’s a bird flying out there somewhere who is super thankful for that. After driving for about 30 miles in the freezing cold, this man heard scratching on his car roof. After parking his car, he got out and found a bird so frozen it couldn’t even move…all it could do was shiver. After letting out a gasp of dismay, this man worked at getting the bird unstuck from between his roof and bike rack, and then went about helping it warm up again. Take a look!

I think there are moments in all of our days where we have a chance to make a difference. This man definitely made his. He didn’t have anything to gain from helping, and he’ll certainly never see this bird again, but knowing what he did made a difference for another living creature. And that is its own reward.

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