angry birds in my living room

The Angry Birds stopped by my house.

The evil green pigs weren’t far behind….


  1. First of all, your boys are ADORABLE. Secondly, I demand to know where you got the birds and the pigs…my kids are going to need them now to go with all the Mario stuff laying all over the house. 🙂

  2. Masterful job! Not only well done on the boys’ parts, but an incredible job editing the video and sound effects! RovioMobile needs to set y’all up as a commercial!!

  3. That was awesome. My kids are now working on a plan to build a really big tower to hide their pigs in. Oh, did I mention that we don’t own any. No worries on their part, dad came home with a 3DS so they figure that I can make anything happen.

    Have to agree that you did a great job with the editing.

  4. First of all. Awesome living space, perfect for kids. I love how kids will work hard to set something up only to destroy it. Adulthood chases away work solely for pleasure. The video is great too, so creative.

  5. Lisa Anderson says:

    Okay so I thought our custom angry birds cake for my son’s birthday was pretty darn cool but this certainly takes it to a new level! The cake was awesome and totally looked like the game but this was fantastic!

  6. how did you doooo that??? my kids are standing behind me BEGGING for “big angry birds” now. LOL

  7. LOL! Oh, my goodness that is SO funny and looks like something my 4 brothers would do!

  8. Adorable!

  9. That was so fun! My one year old was glued to the screen. What movie making program did you use? We like to make videos too:)

  10. Very Creative! Looks like they had fun! New follower!

  11. Fantastic. It was more fun than actually playing Angry Birds. Congrats to your future filmmakers.

  12. Ok, it looks like there was lots of planning going on prior to filming. I’m all for dads & sons spending time together. 🙂 I can just imagine there were lots of giggles going on when watching the final product together for the first time.

    Stopping by from MomLoop Friday via BlogFrog!

  13. This video is so awesome and cute, love it! 😀

  14. Holly, that was SPECTACULAR!!! I can’t wait to show this to my girls when they get home from school today. They’re obsessed with Angry Birds. Great job!

  15. have i not told you that you are the most clever woman??? This was AWESOME!

  16. That looks like so much fun! Husband just showed me the plushies for sale and I nixed it…but now I have to rethink!

  17. This makes everything so cpomtleely painless.

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