Easy Giraffe Craft for Kids

Have you been following along with April the Giraffe? We are so excited that she finally had her baby! In honor of April and her new little one, today we are sharing an Easy Giraffe Craft for Kids! It’s easy, fun, and perfect for little hands.

Easy Giraffe Craft for Kids

Easy Giraffe Craft for Kids

Crafts are such a sweet way to celebrate holidays, events, and celebrations. The cute thing about this craft is that the giraffe really stands up, making it perfect for imaginative play.

To make this craft you will need

  • yellow and brown dot daubers
  • yellow card stock
  • 2 regular clothespins and 1 mini clothespin
  • extra small wiggly eyes
  • scissors
  • white school glue
  • black felt tip pen

Easy Giraffe Craft for Kids


After gathering supplies, trace and cut 2 circles—1 small circle and 1 large circle.

Use the brown dot art marker to make the yellow circles look like giraffe fur. Use both the yellow and brown dot markers to dye the clothespins.

Place the extra tiny wiggly eyes on the small circle, and use the black marker to draw a nose and mouth under them.

Last, use yellow scrap paper to cut ears and horns for the giraffe. Attach them to the back of the giraffe’s head with white school glue.

Easy Giraffe Craft for Kids

Glue the giraffe’s head to the small clothespin, then clip it to the large circle.

Clip the large clothespins to the large circle to be the giraffe’s legs.

Last, cut a tail for the giraffe from scrap cardstock. Glue it to the back of the giraffe, being sure to fray the ends with scissors.

Easy Giraffe Craft for Kids

Isn’t it cute? Invite kids to make several for a pretend play zoo!

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