We have a big list of clothespin crafts! Kids of all ages will love all of these clothespin crafts. We have a craft for every skill and age of children whether they’re younger kids or older kids. You can do these clothespin crafts at home or in the classroom. The best part is, these clothespin crafts are budget-friendly!

50+ Creative Clothespin Crafts- clothespin locker clips, clothespin airplane, clothespin butterflies, clothespin angel, clothespin stop lights, clothespeg dolls

Clothespin Crafts

These clothespin crafts show you just how creative you can get with a little imagination.  It is so much fun to make something fun out of a simple household item. If you’re looking for inspiration, we have a huge list of crafts for you to make out of clothespins! Looking for a great idea or two to use up some wood clothespins you have lying around? Don’t have clothespins? Any craft store will have them! We have a great way to use them up.

Whether it’s the holiday season, educational, or just because these clothespin crafts are easy peasy. Each craft project is perfect for kids of all ages. Seriously! They will be practicing fine motor skills, promoting festivity, and even promoting pretend play with kids’ crafts like a clothespin airplane.

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Awesome And Fun Clothespin Crafts

Clothespin crafts- Clothespin lock clips with pink, blue, red, yellow, black, and green, stripes, dots, zig zags, and tiger print- kids activities blog
Make your own clothespin locker clips!

1. DIY Locker Clips Craft

Use clothespins and some creativity to make custom DIY locker clips.

2. Crayon and Clothespin Magnets Craft

Make some adorable refrigerator magnets with extra crayons and clothespins.

3. Fairies Craft

These little fairy dolls are so adorable!

4. Airplane Clothes Pin Craft

Clothespins and popsicle sticks make this really fun airplane craft!

5. Flower Pom Pom and Clothes Pin Painting Craft For Kids

Paint with a little less mess using pom poms and clothespins. You can make the prettiest flowers this way!

Clothespin crafts- green, red, purple, orange, and blue clothespin dolls with pointy felt hats numbered 1-5
Make cute little peg dolls that can also teach you to count!

6. Little Peg People Craft

Make the sweetest little peg dolls using wooden clothes pins and paint, and felt.

7. DIY Glittered Clothespin Crafts

I know what you’re thinking…why do I need glittered clothespins. I wondered the same thing, but then realized they’re perfect for gift bags to keep the card or note attached!

8. Autumn Leaf Clothespin Doll Craft

Make more dolls using felt and autumn leaves to make these cute little fall dolls.

9. Minions Clothespin Craft

Everyone likes Minions! And now you can make your own using markers, paint, clothespins and googly eyes!

Animal Clothespin Crafts

Clothespin crafts- yellow and white polka dotted butter fly with red glittery clothes pin to look like the butterflies body and white cup cake liners with pink glitter clothespin
These clothespin butterflies are so sparkly and colorful!

10. Fun Butterfly Craft

Decorate clothespins and clip them on cupcake liners to make a butterfly!

11. Tie Die Butterflies Craft

Looking for some cool easy art? Learn how to tie die a coffee filter and then turn it into the wings of a butterfly!

12. Colorful Clothespin Jelly Fish Craft For Preschoolers

This preschool jellyfish craft is so cute! Lots of colors, sparkly streamers, and of course, clothes pins.

13. Clothespin Frog Craft

This frog craft is not only cute and fun, but it promotes pretend play and works on finger strength.

14. Big Mouth Creature Clothes Pin Craft

Like the frog craft, this big mouth creature is great fine motor skills practice, promotes pretend play and strengthens finger strength.

15. Bunny Clothespins Craft

Make cute little bunnies with fluffy tails with clothespins, ribbon, cotton balls, buttons, and paper!

Holiday Clothespin Crafts

Clothespin crafts- Beautiful Christmas angel decoration ornament with clothes pins felt, ribbon, and burlap- Kids activities blog
Beautiful Christmas angel decoration for the tree or to give as a gift.

16. Angel Tree Ornament Craft

Make a beautiful Christmas angel decoration to adorn your Christmas tree.

17. Easter Egg Pom Pom and Clothespin Painting

Paint an Easter egg using paint, clothes pins and pom poms. Make it colorful, bright, and festive.

18. Color Matching Easter Bunny Activity

Take clothespins, pom poms, and colorful paper Easter bunnies and match the tails to the correlating color.

19. Easter Bunny Craft

Make the Easter Bunny using paint, clothespins, pom poms, and yes, wiggly eyes!

20. Pom Pom American Flag Clothespin Painting

Get patriotic with this clothespin painting craft. You can make stars and stripes easily using the clothespin stamps you can make.

21. Mother’s Day Magnet Craft

Make mom the prettiest, and useful, gift this year! You can make these clothespin magnets!

Educational Clothespin Crafts

Clothespin crafts- Stop sign and speed limit sign made with black clothespins and laminated paper
Learn about traffic signs and promote pretend play with these clothespin road signs.

22. Road Signs Craft

Use clothespins to make tiny road signs for your toy cars! These are so much fun.

23. Practical Life Activities With Clothes Pins

Learn to wash clothes by hand and hang them up with clothespins on a string.

24. Fine Motor Color Game With Clothespins

Learn about colors and practice fine motor skills with this clothespins game!

25. Ocean Animal Clothespin Counting Game

Count to 8 using clothespins and this free printable ocean animal. It’s super cute and fun!

26. Clothespin and Pom Pom Color Matching Game

All you need is pom poms, clothes pins, and colorful cupcake liners for this game! Match the pom poms to the right colored cupcake liner.

27. Pigeon and Duckling Clothespin Activity

Do you like the book by Mo Willems called The Duckling gets a Cookie? Now you can feed the duck a cookie with this fun activity.


Clothespin Craft Supplies

We also have cute clothespin crafts for any lesson plan for you preschooler. And most of these need mininal craft supplies like:

You can actually get most of those things at the dollar store. So pick one of the many great clothespin crafts, and have fun!

More Clothespin Crafts From Kids Activities Blog:

Which clothespin crafts will you be trying? How did they turn out? Comment below and let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

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