Man Saves Abandoned Baby Deer [Video]

When Darius spotted an injured baby fawn struggling to keep up with its mother and siblings, he knew he had to rescue it.

Darius lives close to Yellowstone National Park and often sees wildlife wander in and out of his yard, but this was the first time he saw a chance to intervene.

Man Saves Abandoned Baby Deer Video - Kids activities blog
Oh sweet little abandoned baby deer

Probably fearing for her healthy fawn, the mama left the injured baby behind and that’s when Darius stepped in to become a surrogate ‘mama’ until the baby healed.

Take a look!

Man Saves Abandoned Fawn Video

Not only did he make a brace to help her leg heal, but he went out searching for her family every day to make sure she was reunited with them in nature.

Darius wasn’t there when the baby finally did reunite with her family, but seeing what efforts he put into helping her not only get healthy, but also live a normal deer life is truly inspiring!

I hope the baby is living a happy, healthy life today and I hope someday Darius sees her again, maybe with her own fawns in tow.

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Now I want a baby deer, you?


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