There is a beautiful spot in southern Ontario where the deer are protected and they have not learned to fear humans. If you sit very patiently and quietly, they might even approach a human. It helps even more if you are crunching an apple or a carrot. This man waited until the deer were very close and he began eating an apple and throwing pieces on the ground. The deer ran to share it with him. The surprising part was that they actually brought their fawns over too. Does typically hide their fawns in the long grass, often separately, in order to protect them from predators. They return to them 3-4 times per day to nurse them. Fawns are always watching their mother and she will use a complex set of tail and ear movements to communicate with them. If you pay enough attention, you will see that there is more going on than just tail twitching. The fawns are actually reacting to her indications of any possible threats. Take a look! This man had an incredibly rare treat as she brought her fawns very close. Few things are as cute as spotted fawns in early summer.

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