Have You Ever Wondered What Would Happen If You Put Cheese In A Hot Glue Gun? [Video]

Ever since I bought my first glue gun I’ve eyeballed it and wondered what would happen if I put a cheese stick in there.

I mean, seems legit, right?

It melts glue, it should melt cheese.

We’re talking world’s best afternoon snacks if it works.

Mom awards all around.

What happens when you put cheese in a glue gun - Kids Activities Blog
What happens when you put cheese in a glue gun? I need to know…

Like, kids for miles would want to come see the mom who melts cheese onto her kid’s crackers using a glue gun.

But…would it work?

Since I’m not brave enough to try it myself, I’m SO glad someone else did.

Take a look!

What Happens When You Put Cheese in a Glue Gun Video

After watching that I’m kinda glad I never tested it out.

But now I’m curious about other things, like, where did the cheese go?

WHY didn’t it work?

Would it work if the cheese wasn’t frozen first?

So many questions. But also, I’m totally not testing it on my own. My kids will have to eat their cheese the old fashioned way: stringed.

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Admit it, you wanted this cheese in the glue gun thing to work…

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