When I was a little girl, my mom always tried to make me sit a certain way, but it never felt comfortable.

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It’s like that’s the way she was taught to sit as a girl was nothing more than mom advice passed down about the way women are suppose to sit. But as I said before, it wasn’t comfortable to me. It wasn’t that it was super uncomfortable, and I wasn’t a child that didn’t want to listen, but it never felt right. According to this video though, the way we sit says something about our personalities.

So Many Things We Do Tell People Who We Are

Who would have thought the way we sit could tell people about us, but I suppose many things tell people about us and we don’t even realize it. Like our handwriting for instance. When I was young and doing my handwriting worksheets in school, I would have never thought it would tell people so much about me.

I wonder if, even as a girl, I instinctively sat a certain way based on who I am or what my personality is like.

The Way You Sit Tells a Story

For a long time I sat in the E position, but that was because I was trying to compromise with how my mom tried to make me sit which was position B. I think this constant battle really taught my mom how to be patient with me at the time. But it’s kind of a hard battle when something is based on your personality.

I think as an adult I sit mainly in the C position. It is not the most ladylike of positions, but definitely more comfortable to me. Take a look!

Video: 5 Sitting Positions That Reveal Much More About You Than You Though

How do you sit?

Is it right in what it says about you?

Mine was pretty correct, but I don’t know if I agree with all of them.

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Was your sitting position described correctly? Tell us in the comments!

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