Character development is an important part of raising our children.   Besides being a good example for them, we found some fun activities to really focus on the characteristics of kindness and compassion.

These activities are inspired by Jodi from Meaningful Mama, who has an entire year long character series.   It is a wonderful resource!

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10 Ideas for Character Development {Kindness and Compassion}

1.   What is kindness and how can I encourage it in my children?   Here are five simple ways.

2.   Give your kids a list of phrases to remember called “I Will” statements that remind them of ways to act kind.   One example is “I will use uplifting words.”

3.   Join with your kids to complete several random acts of kindness for others like sending someone a card or giving flowers to a stranger.

4.   It can be hard to be compassionate if you don’t notice others feelings.   Here is a fun activity for your kids to help them learn to read peoples body language and facial expressions.

5.   Make a kindness jar to keep in your home to keep kindness in the forefront of you children’s mind and remind them of its importance.

6.   Here are five children’s books to read with your kids about kindness.

7.   Role play with your kids by giving them scenarios they can work through like, your sister is sick, and talk about the ways they can help in those times.

8.   To help teach children about the importance of their words and how people can be hurt by them, use this simple activity with a tube of toothpaste.

9.   Perfect for little ones, this hands on activity really helps reinforce the idea of passing kindness through a smile.

10.   Based on the book, Have You Filled Your Bucket Today?  {affiliate link}, show your kids in a hands on way how to build themselves and others up.

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