The other night, I was sound asleep in my bed when I heard that sound that makes you jump to your feet: “Mom?  Moooommmmmm….”

Sometimes they Need You - child looking off into distance with tear in eye - Kids activities blog

I went into our daughter’s room to find her hiding under her blankets, scared from whatever nightmare she had just had. 

“What’s wrong?” I asked her.

I Need You.

“I need you,”  she responded.

I need you.   So simple.  So innocent.  So endearing.   She needed me.

Sometimes, moms, our kids just need us.  

Sometimes they just need you - Kids Activities Blog - little girl looking off camera
I need you.

Sometimes they want to keep getting out of their bed to find you because they know that you will keep them safe.  

Sometimes, they want to run to you when they should be staying in their rooms because they know that your hug will cure whatever hurts.  

Sometimes they want to fall asleep with your arms around them because they know that they are loved.

When I think of the many times that our kids have asked me to lie in their beds (which I always do for this reason), those are the times that I remember the most… the ones that stand out in my memories.

When I hear that tip-toeing down the hall and then the words come:  “Mom?  I need you.  Can you tuck me back in?” 

Sometimes – they just need you.

Even better… when I think about my own childhood, I can remember the times when my mom said “OK” when I told her that I needed her, too.

I can remember her lying in my bed, in her white pajamas with little pink flowers on them, sound asleep because of her, “Just one minute,” worked in my favor and her exhaustion took over.  I loved those days.  

I loved knowing that she was asleep beside me and I could fall asleep with my eyes shut (as opposed to open, because I was always afraid of the dark).

I remember those times very fondly… like it was yesterday, and I remember how happy it made me.

Now I want to give our kids the same attention… because sometimes, that’s really all they need: YOU. 

So, when your kids need you, don’t worry about the rules, just this once… instead, let them need you and be there for them.  

The truth of the matter is… we need them right back.

child falling asleep in bed being tucked in - Kids Activities Blog
Sleep well little one…

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Have you had a “need me” moment?

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  1. Oh my word.^^..this story was told from her personal experience where “mommy was needed”. The fact that a child needed her mom doesn’t mean that kids don’t need daddy as well…. there was nothing in this that left anyone out. You are really reading something into this. It was an incredibly sweet sentiment. If you can related to being needed, mommy or daddy, then just relate and move on.

  2. Our Daughter always needs Daddy. She snuggles with him on the couch and falls into a deep content sleep, she crawls into our bed, always from his side of the bed, cause she needs Daddy snuggles. She never needs mum and Im ok with that, as l long as her needs are met

  3. “Sometimes, moms, our kids just need us.”
    Do the kids never need their dads? My kids come to me (dad) at night.
    In our culture of gender inequality, I would think a female author would be more sensitive to that.