Finger Food Meal Ideas for a One-Year-Old

Today we are sharing finger food meal ideas for a one-year-old.   This is a tricky time because you have moved away from baby food, but you aren’t quite sure how to make that transition.   We asked other parents of one-year-olds what they were feeding their toddlers & we wanted to share the answers with you.

finger food ideas for one year old
Ideas for meal finger foods for a one-year-old

  • Cut up little pieces of cheese for him and serve with crackers.  Our son ate crackers from 9 months on and cheese from 12 months on.
  • Serve lunch in a muffin tin. Kids love having everything separate and tend to eat more when it is served this way.   Remember you can even add the “next step” formula into muffin mix to give added nutrition.
  • While he may not like certain vegetables at first, keep trying as he can develop a taste for them. You can basically feed them what you are eating, just in smaller bites.
  • Cut up the spaghetti, chicken etc.  Just be prepared for a mess, but that’s all part of the learning curve.
  • Hard boiled eggs are usually a favorite for little ones.  Cut them up into small bite-size pieces.
  • Dice up fruit and make a fruit salad. If you steam the veggies, they will be softer and easier for toddlers to chew.
  • Keep offering a variety of foods. It takes around 10 tries to welcome a new food.
  • Some days they eat more than others and that is normal.   Don’t worry about it.  Just don’t rely too heavily on snacks that don’t offer nutritional value.
  • If your child does not have dairy allergies, encourage milk drinking while always giving water.  A child can have cow’s milk from 12 months on.   Remember yogurt & cheese are great alternatives.
  • When your kids are little you can encourage a love for water.   Our son loved drinking water from a sippy cup with a straw!
  • Limit the sweets for special occasions so that is not a prime source of food.   Try not to get your child too used to eating them.   There isn’t a need for sweets, especially at this young age.  They are just as happy to have peas. 🙂
  • What about you? What are your toddler’s favorites?   Try these fun toddler snacks! 

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