Paper Straw Valentine Darts

Active kids will have a blast making and playing with these Paper Straw Valentine Darts. They are awesome to play with outside or inside, and they are easy for older kids to make independently. 

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Paper Straw Valentine Darts

Paper Straw Valentine Darts

My active boys love to craft and play. These paper darts were right up their alley! They liked competing with each other over whose dart could go the farthest.

For added fun, invite kids to attach a Valentine’s Day message to the arrowhead, then share with a friend or beloved family member.


  • cardstock
  • heart paper punch
  • paper straws
  • Glue Dots or a glue stick
  • tape (optional)

Paper Straw Valentine Darts

After gathering supplies, punch out 4 hearts. You will need 4 hearts/straw. Fold 3 of the hearts in half.

Paper Straw Valentine Darts

Cut a slit in 1 end of the straw. Slide the unfolded heart into it. This is the arrowhead. If you wish, secure a piece of tape over both sides of the heart, attaching it to the straw.

Paper Straw Valentine Darts

Glue the 3 folded hearts together so they make 1 large 3D heart. Cut 3 slits in the other end of the straw, then slide the large 3D heart into it. This is the fletching of your dart. If you desire, press 3 small pieces of tape over the straw, attaching the paper to it more securely.

Paper Straw Valentine Darts

The really fun thing about these darts is that they actually fly through the air! Kids of all ages will have a blast inventing target games and seeing how far they can throw their dart.

Paper Straw Valentine Darts

We enjoyed making darts in a rainbow of colors. My boys also made 2 sets (1 boy was blue, the other boy was orange) and had a Nerf style dart war in the hallway.

Paper Straw Valentine Darts

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  1. Melissa, these are the most creative use for straws and just so clever! Thanks for sharing with us at Funtastic Friday 😀 Pinning & sharing!

  2. What a cute way to make Valentine’s Day crafts out of paper straws. These look like fun. Pinned to my V day board. Thank you for linking up with us at the #HomeMattersParty – hope to see you back again this week.

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