Free Printable Place Value Game: Learning Expanded Form

This Free Printable Place Value Game for Learning Expanded Form from Little Learning Lovies will give your kids great hands-on experience manipulating numbers and quickly expanding and adding them.  It’s a great math skill they’ll be grateful to have mastered. Free Printable Place Value Game For Learning Expanded Form Expanded form can be a tricky concept but […]

30+ Super Fun Math Games

Math games are a great way to practice your math skills while having fun.  There are plenty of ways to start introducing your kids to math skills without using a workbook.  We love to have fun! We found these and so much more fun over on our Facebook page and our activity link-ups.  Head over and share your […]

Free Kids Math Printable – Dinosaur Puzzle Hunt Game

Our Free Kids Math Printable Dinosaur Puzzle Hunt Game is so fun, your kids will beg to play it over and over again!  They won’t even realize they are getting in some great math practice while they play! Free Kids Math Printable Dinosaur Puzzle Hunt Game There is so much to LOVE about this game […]

10 Fun Math Games for Kids

I adore fun math games.  Helping kids learn through play is something I will always get behind. If your child is struggling with a specific math skill, it may be a good idea to try and introduce it in the form of a game.  Sometimes, making it seem like play eases the anxiety of getting […]

10 Ways to Show Your Kids that Math is Fun!

Do your kids think math is fun?  If they don’t, we’re going to show you a few ways to practice math skills with them that they will enjoy.  Inspired by Planet Smarty Pants, here are some ways to show your kids that learning math doesn’t have to be boring! 10 Ways to Show Your Kids […]

Art & Math – inspired by Klee

We love all craft activities for kids, but especially those that mix learning with art. This activity we did with a group of kids ranging in age from 3 years old to 3rd graders.  It was fun being able to do an activity together, that multiple ages can learn from and enjoy doing together. Prior […]

Skip Counting is Fun! {Printable Skip Counting Worksheet & Activity}

We are a homeschooling family and math is something that I struggled with as a child, I am *so* pleased that my kids are “getting” it!  My just-turned 5 year old loves watching patterns emerge, I think most 3-5 year olds enjoy patterns.  This Discovering Math Patterns activity will help your math-learner, the circles will […]

Create and Learn with an Abacus

I struggled with math as a child, so as a parent I am on a mission to find all the tricks and tools to help mathematical concepts be less scary and more intuitive for my kids.  Only recently, I discovered the wonders of the abacus.  Today we are making an abacus. You can do so […]

DIY Math Puzzlers

We are always looking for new ways to keep homework fun with our elementary aged kiddos. Often worksheets frustrate my kiddos (and me, who am I kidding). We have a solution! It’s time for Craft stick math! Make Math Puzzlers Supplies Needed: Craft sticks – the thick kind. Paint Pens Instructions: Write one question on […]

Make an Abacus!

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Math Fractions at Lunch {Learning with Food}

As a homeschooling family, we love to incorporate learning into our daily activities, even math fractions. Today, that meant we got to learn about fractions at lunch time.  Kids Activities Blog hopes that you and your child can have some fun learning with food too. Math Fractions It is confusing for kids to understand that […]

Number Learning Activities ~ Add Yours

It’s link up time again! We want YOU to link up your favorite Number Learning Crafts and Activities.  As always, only family-friendly posts accepted. Link Up Your Favorite Number Learning Crafts and Activities for Kids! By linking up you give permission to anyone to grab a picture and feature you on a site they write […]

Cool Math Game: With a Fly Swatter

We love cool math games, especially for our kids who don’t like “school” – you know the sit and learn from a book “organized” school? We homeschool so I am constantly looking for ways to bring the learning to life – especially for my son. Flyswatter math is a huge hit! I think it has […]

Learning How to Measure

Learning how to measure is an important science skill. Measuring is used in science data collection. Measuring is also a necessary life skill. Think about how often you measure something. You employ measuring cups in the kitchen for recipes. You use tape measures and rulers to build something or when decorating a room. Measuring may […]

12 Cool Math Games for Kids

Let’s play with math today! We home-school and as we have added new kiddos to our family we ended our “school time” earlier than normal and I am looking for ways to ease back into a form of “catch-up” school time with some fun games. These math games are perfect for helping our kids keep […]

Fraction Game: Cookie Math

In between visits to potential new homes, we stopped by our local Panera.  As we had half an hour to kill – and munching on cookies takes mere seconds with my kiddos – we had to draw out the “experience”.  Why not use our cookies and drink as an opportunity to practice fractions!  I was […]

Cool Math Activity: With Eggs and Buttons

This week we’ve been having a lot of fun creating learning activities that also relate to some of our favorite spring topics- eggs, bunnies, and flowers. Today I want to share a cool counting game we created using buttons and some large foam eggs. Materials Needed for Egg Math: Large foam eggs (or some eggs […]

Make Food Shopping Educational!

Going grocery shopping with your children ranks right up there with “Things I Would Rather NOT Do”. Ever.   I bet if you asked your kids, they would say the same thing!  It’s a shame, though, to take away this great learning activity just because it is boring for your little ones.  With just a little […]

Paper Plates: Ideas to play and learn with plates!

The combination of packing to move (we move into our new home in 2 weeks!!!) and preparation for a busy holiday season means that we have moved to being a disposable, paper plate loving family.  Dishwashing with our preschoolers is not as feasible as it has been in the past.  Hefty must have known the […]

I am on a Roll

For your math convenience: Print this handy, dandy toilet paper conversion table and take it with you shopping next time. You might also want to take your calculator. You might also want to take a baseball bat to hit your head repeatedly. Or you could just use your shoe. Can I just say…..WHY CHARMIN? Why […]