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Pauline LessonsLearntJournal is all about life with kids. On Lessons Learnt Journal you'll find activities for children: play, maths games, handwriting, reading as well as parenting confessions. Pauline is a Christian, Wife, Mother of 4, Primary School Teacher. When not blogging, she may be found virtually hoarding on Pinterest, trying to decide which Instagram filter to apply, or compulsively refreshing her Facebook feed. Most days you'll find her chasing her kids and that much needed nap.

DIY Bubble Shooter {Make Your Own Bubble Wand}

Make your own bubble shooter by kids activities blog

This bubble shooter was born out of desperation. At one time we had many bubble wands. They have since disappeared into their secret hiding places somewhere in our garden. How To Make Your Own Bubble Wand: A bubble shooter: a brilliant mechanism combining bubbles and the act of shooting. This Do It Yourself Bubble Shooter is so […]

Math Game for Learning Numbers

learning numbers card game

Using a math game can make learning numbers fun for young children. Check out this fun way to help your child with their early math skills. Math Game This math game helps children work towards: Naming and identifying numerals. These skills are required so that we can record our maths. Using the correct corresponding numeral […]

Fun Activities for 2 Year Olds {10 Favorite}

10 Favorite Fun Activities for 2 Year Olds

Fun activities abound here at Kids Activities Blog.  Today we are featuring great ideas for those busy little 2 year olds.  Kids Activities Blog hopes you enjoy these 10 favorite activities to share with your little one. Fun Activities  Gasp! My Mr. E will be turning three soon. He no longer toddles around. He runs. […]

Fun Activities for One Year Olds {10 Favorite}

Fun Activities for One Year Olds {10 Favorite}

Need some fun activities for your little one on the move?  We have some great kids activities to keep one year olds happy and entertained for hours. Kids Activities Blog hopes you enjoy these great ideas from other moms like you. Fun Activities  Just the other day, my Miss K figured out how to go […]

Preschool Games for Early Reading {Top 5 Apps}

Preschool Games for Early Reading {Top 5 Apps}

Preschool games can help reinforce basic math and literacy skills for children.  Here are the top 5 apps for improving early reading skills.   We hope your child enjoys these apps that Kids Activities Blog has pulled together. Preschool Games My household is one that has a strong culture of apps and gaming including preschool […]

Top 5 Apps for Preschoolers to Learn Math

Top 5 Apps for Preschoolers to Learn Math

Math for preschoolers is fun when it can be interactive and visual.  We have the top 5 apps to learn math.  Kids Activities Blog hopes your child enjoys this fun and interactive way to learn preschool math. For Preschoolers I find kids apps and gaming for preschoolers a polarizing topic; you either love it or […]

Egg Craft: Beautiful Melted Crayon {Crayon Art}

Egg Craft: Beautiful Melted Crayon {Crayon Art}

This egg craft will surely bring fun to meal time.  Crayon art on warm boiled eggs makes a beautiful masterpiece that just might be too pretty to eat. We at Kids Activities Blog loves that this melted crayon idea will keep kids occupied while they wait for the eggs to cool off enough to eat. […]

Math Game for Kids: Snap Plus One {Math with Cards}

Math games for Kids: Snap Plus One {Math with Cards}

This math game for kids makes learning to count fun.  Kids will actually want to practice counting because math with cards feels more like a game than learning. Kids Activities Blog hopes you enjoy this cute card game called Snap Plus One. Math Game for Kids Does your child know how to count to ten or beyond, […]

Rhyming Words: Picture Book Rhyming Game

Rhyming Words Game for Kids

Rhyming words are fun for kids of all ages but especially little kids who are just learning about the sounds of words.  Grab a picture book and your little one and have fun exploring words.  Kids Activities Blog hopes you and your little one enjoy this fun rhyming game. Rhyming Words Children, some from their […]

{Easter Bunny} Cute Bingo Dauber Easter Craft

Kids can paint their own Easter bunny with this cute bingo dauber Easter craft

Kids can have a blast painting an Easter bunny with this cute idea.  This Easter craft uses just a bingo dauber to make dots of paint and some markers to draw on accents.  We hope you love this idea as much as we do here at Kids Activities Blog. Easter Craft What do you find […]

Math for Kids: What is Symmetry?

Playing cards are a fun way to teach math for kids!

Today we offer an exciting way to teach math for kids – grab a deck of cards!  If your child has ever wanted to know, “What is Symmetry?” then we have some cool math activities for you.  But please don’t blame Kids Activities Blog if you end up playing 52 card pickup too. Math for Kids […]

Literacy Activity: Learning Pronouns

Great literacy activity for preschool kids for learning pronouns!

A literacy activity can solidify a child’s understanding of a concept while they are having fun.  Learning pronouns is a perfect example of a time to bring in a fun activity like this.  Kids Activities Blog believes in making learning fun, for the child and the parent! Literacy Activity With four males and only two […]

Teaching Kids Life Skills: What is Kindness?

What is Kindness? Parenting advice for teaching our kids

What is Kindness?  The job of raising and teaching kids includes more than just how to dress oneself and do well in school.  A parent needs to also help their children learn important life skills such as kindness to others.  Check back with us at Kids Activities Blog over the next couple of weeks as […]

Christmas Cookie Recipe: Star Cookies

Christmas cookies

We hope you enjoy this Christmas cookie recipe! Star cookies are beautiful and delicious.  Bake a batch with your kids and enjoy them as you browse Kids Activities Blog for wonderful Christmas activities for kids. Christmas Cookie Recipe Stars have always fascinated my children. Whenever we are out at night, they are keen to point […]

Homemade Christmas Gifts: Painting Bowls

homemade Christmas gifts

Does your child love making homemade Christmas gifts?  If so then they might like to try painting bowls for a creative homemade gift.  We love simple and inexpensive ideas like this at Kids Activities Blog! Homemade Christmas Gifts Christmas is an important time of year and a wonderful opportunity to teach children many truths. The […]

Learning Vocabulary with Color Activities

learning vocabulary

Learning vocabulary is an important part of education that allows children to better understand the world around them.  Read on to find out how this mom used some basic color activities to help her assess her child’s understanding.  We at Kids Activities Blog love to encourage simple activities like this that help children learn. Learning […]

{Simple and Fun} Family November Crafts

November crafts

November crafts aren’t just turkey related. They can be something that is just colorful, fun, and a wonderful family activity.  Kids Activities Blog loves creative projects like this that the whole family can enjoy especially beautiful paper crafts like this. November Crafts One afternoon, my preschool twins N and M were particularly restless. Normally they […]

Play Marbles {Nostalgic} November Game

play marbles

How to play marbles is knowledge that kids can utilize for hours of fun.  Before the weather changes, head to the playground for this November game.  If you missed the balmy fall weather, then try an indoor variation!  Kids Activities Blog loves these nostalgic games that level the playing field between adults and kids. The […]

Waterfall Water Game {Fun With Water}

Water Game Waterfall KidsActivitiesBlog

Most kids enjoy a good water game.  With this simple activity, kids will have fun with water and occupy themselves for a while so you can focus on other things like making dinner.  We at Kids Activities Blog love activities like this that can keep kids happy and entertained on their own for a while […]

The Very Hungry Caterpillar No Sew Costume

The-Very-Hungry-Caterpillar feature

This Very Hungry Caterpillar Activity is a perfect way to keep the fun going after the book is read {even if for the 1000th time!}.  It is a no sew costume that is easy for parents and fun for kids creating a fun Very Hungry Caterpillar activity! The Very Hungry Caterpillar Activity Every year in […]

Outdoor Adventures: Animal Hunt

outdoor adventure animal hunt

  Outdoor Adventures: Animal Hunt Sometimes my children need some imaginative prompts to set them off in their outdoor adventures. This simple animal hunt outdoor adventure is sure to have your little ones happily running, jumping and searching through your garden.   You’ll need an assortment of toy animals for your animal hunt. Have your […]

Dinosaur Craft: Pasta Necklace

Dinosaur Pasta Craft feature

Dinosaur Pasta Craft My boys adore dinosaurs. They love they way dinosaurs look. They love dinosaur names. They love playing with their dinosaur toys. They love pretending to be dinosaurs. As I do our weekly grocery shopping, I spot dinosaur pasta. How could I resist? With so many varieties of pasta, the pasta craft possibilities seem endless. Make […]

Recipe: Peppermint Creams

peppermint creams feature

  Recipe for Peppermint Creams You know those cheeky moments when your kids sneak up to the kitchen bench, quickly grab a goodie, duck out of sight behind the fish tank whilst gobbling up that mouthful of sweetness? Well, these peppermint creams are worthy of such cheeky moments. Be warned, this recipe makes a batch of […]

Bubbles: Easy Art


Colored bubbles and paper can make an easy art project that is fun to make and beautiful too. To make easy art with bubbles, you will need: Large sheet(s) of white paper Masking tape Food colouring Bubble soap (See our DIY Bubble Mix Recipe or DIY Baby Bath Bubble Solution recipe for bubble soap) Bubble blowing […]

Counting: Handful of Buttons

Counting Handful of Buttons

Counting a Handful of Buttons This simple counting activity helps emergent counters work towards: Correctly counting collections of up to ten objects Consistently matching one number word to one item in the collection. How to play: Pick up a handful of buttons Guess how many buttons have been picked up Placing the buttons in a […]

Art for Kids: Block Printing

Block Printing QM 03

Do you have a toddler in your residence? Only a year or months ago, they happily sat wherever you placed them. Now they roam your home freely. E is my current toddler-in-residence. His little feet have been taking him to the art & craft table. Set up the invitation to play with block printing: Toddlers […]

Study of the Face

IMG_0933_01 (1)

After many drawing and scribbling experiences, preschoolers begin to explore representation in their drawings. I noticed this progression in my preschool son and took advantage of his interest in representation. Engaging children in conversation about their work allows them to think more deeply about their work and allows for more meaningful experimentation.  Using a mirror, […]

Keeping It Simple: Painting with Water


I plan. Materials are sourced. The stage has been set. The invitation to play has been accepted. Game on. A few short minutes after play commences, the phrase “What was I thinking?!” rambles repeatedly in my head or through my mouth, I know not because I’m consumed by the disaster of my planned activity. Such […]

Toddler Activities: Scooping Marbles


When Twin Big Brothers run towards the playground, Mr Two Year old waddles at warp speed behind them. When Twin Big Brothers decide to spontaneously declare war at the top of their voices in our tiny corridor, Mr Two Year raises his arms and adds his voice to their war cry – (he scrunches up […]