Rhyming words are fun for kids of all ages but especially little kids who are just learning about the sounds of words.  Grab a picture book and your little one and have fun exploring words.  Kids Activities Blog hopes you and your little one enjoy this fun rhyming game.

Rhyming Words Game with Picture Books for Kids

Rhyming Words

Children, some from their very earliest days, are immersed into the world of rhymes. Nursery rhymes are synonymous with childhood. All of us know a few, if not many, nursery rhymes. Some are entertaining, others a tad confusing, but most are very easy to remember.

While an infant is nursing or being rocked to sleep, rhymes are there. Rhymes are sung at home. Rhymes can also be heard in early childhood learning environments like day care centres and preschools. Rhymes carry over into the early years of schooling too.

Why are rhymes so pervasive in childhood? Rhyming is a skill that helps children read and write. How fantastic that it’s fun and enjoyable too.

Rhyming is an important phonological awareness skill; it helps children hear the larger units of spoken language as well as the smaller parts. When rhyming, children see the relationship between letter clusters that represent the same sounds in different words. E.g. hose, nose, pose, rose.

Rhyming Game for Kids with Picture Books

Picture Book

Cover the Rhyme is a simple game that you can play with your child using any picture book you have readily on hand.

Looking at the pictures in the book, ask the child to place a counter on the part of the picture that rhymes with a given word. Or they could also simply point to the part of the picture that rhymes with a given word.

Rhyming Game

For example, in these pages, (from Greetings from Sandy Beach  by Bob Graham), ask the child to place a counter on the part of the picture that rhymes with the following:

  • Hose “ nose
  • Flies “ eyes
  • Mat “ hat
  • Fox “ box
  • Band “ sand, hand
  • Made “ spade
  • Bat “ hat
  • Hurt “ shirt
  • Dear “ ear
  • Dance “ pants
  • Far – car

As an extension, can the child think of any other rhymes in the pictures?

More Kids Activities

Rhyming words just sing along together beautifully.  Which picture books can you use with your child to play this fun rhyming game?  There are more fun rhyming kids activities here:

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