Literacy Activity: Learning Pronouns

A literacy activity can solidify a child’s understanding of a concept while they are having fun.  Learning pronouns is a perfect example of a time to bring in a fun activity like this.  Kids Activities Blog believes in making learning fun, for the child and the parent!
Great literacy activity for preschool kids for learning pronouns!

Literacy Activity

With four males and only two females (myself included) in our family, the guys definitely outnumber us ladies. Our everyday conversations at home are naturally filled with more he's than she's. So much so Mr. M (4y.o.) uses the pronoun he for everyone, regardless of gender.

We have worked on our pronouns before with our fun super heroes pronoun game. However, practice makes perfect and a variety of games, repeating the same understanding, (like pronouns), is helpful when supporting a child's learning.

This literacy game will require some preparation, but the results are well worth it.

Pronoun Game

You will need:

  • A piece of A4 paper with a male picture on one side, and a female picture on the other. Under these pictures, write the words he  and she .
  • A collection of pictures of men and women, boys and girls. You can source these from free clip-arts on the web, or old magazines. Laminate the pictures to extend their durability.


We love this literacy activity for young kids - it's a pronoun game!

Learning Pronouns

  • Firstly, ensure the child knows the meaning of the pronouns he and she. He is used for males, (men and boys). She is used for females, (women and girls).
  • Lead the child through a series of pictures and model the correct pronoun Pick up a picture, e.g. one with a man on it; say he ; place the picture on top of male picture on the A4 paper. Pick up another picture, e.g. one with a girl on it; say she ; place the picture on top of the female picture on the A4 paper.
  • Let the child complete the task independently.

Play this simple, short and fun literacy game every day to support your child's understanding and correct use of the pronouns, he and she.

What's the gender balance (or lack of) like in your family?

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A simple literacy activity like this is great for preschoolers.   Whether they are learning pronouns or starting to read, games like this make learning fun.  For more kids activities to improve literacy, read up on these ideas:

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