Outdoor Adventures: Animal Hunt

Sometimes my children need some imaginative prompts to set them off in their outdoor adventures. This simple animal hunt outdoor adventure is sure to have your little ones happily running, jumping and searching through your garden.  

You’ll need an assortment of toy animals for your animal hunt. Have your kids stand in a hideaway spot in the garden while you hide the toy animals. If your kids are young, don’t make the hiding spots too hard. I put them in the most obvious spots and it was still tricky for them to spot the animals. (I even had to give clues!) When you’ve finished hiding the toy animals in different spots around your garden, tell your kids that the animal hunt is on. All the animals are hiding and they have to find them. Let them find all the animals. Line them up and count them to make sure none are missing. Hopefully you’ve remembered where you’ve hid them so you can help find any stray animals. (Unfortunately I forgot and we still have stray toy animals hiding somewhere in our garden – oops!).  

For more wild fun with animals, the Quirky Mommas have a few more ideas you might like:
  • Early Learning: Animal Alphabet Cards– These cute cards take little to no time to make and the only supplies you need are index cards, a marker (or alphabet stickers), and a picture of an animal.
  • Cardboard, Paint, and Glue: How to Make a 3-D Cat – My father walked by a store window recently where they were selling a wooden three-dimensional cat (and for quite a bit of money, I might add). He liked the concept of this piece of art and thought that he could replicate it at home as a craft project for his grandson.
  • Fun Activity to Boost Early Literacy – This activity is great because it adds several layers to a child's learning – letters, phonetics, matching those sounds with letters and subsequently an animal and his tracks.

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  1. I have three boys who very much enjoyed this post! I loved it too and linked to it recently on my own blog. Thanks for posting!

    1. At first, it was meant to be a dinosaur hunt, but I couldn’t find enough dinosaurs to hide so it changed ever so quickly to an animal hunt. Happy dinosaur hunting Katey. xoxo P

    1. I find it a struggle to get them outside too, especially after endless days of bad weather; but we always feel better after the fact. Hope this game helps. xoxo P