Learning vocabulary is an important part of education that allows children to better understand the world around them.   Read on to find out how this mom used some basic color activities to help her assess her child’s understanding.   We at Kids Activities Blog love to encourage simple activities like this that help children learn.

learning vocabulary

Learning Vocabulary

Basic vocabulary is necessary for a child as they begin to learn to read. Here is a simple activity for assessing a child’s knowledge of colors. Use crayons to make marks of each color. Point to each mark and ask, “What color is this?” I had a hunch where Mr E was at with his basic vocabulary. He’s about 2 and a half years old and is picking up new words every day. I was pretty sure about the response I would get during this simple assessment, but I did it anyway. (Even after four plus years of maternity leave, you can’t take the teacher out of me). color activities

Color Activities

I scribbled a patch of color and asked, “What color is this?”. Mr E looks at me with his beautiful, round puppy dog eyes, “Ehhh…”. I chuckled, (inside of course). I quickly modified this simple assessment into a vocabulary lesson for learning colors. We went through a few colours, but I didn’t push it. While he is ever so keen to be like his older preschool brothers, his round baby face reminds me that he is still only about two and a half. We must learn to walk before we can run. Colors can wait. I think we need to work on vocabulary for toilet training first.

More Kids Activities

Learning vocabulary through hands on activities is a fun way for young children to learn.   Color activities and reading games are just a few ways to do this.   For more great kids activities, check out these fun ideas:

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