Preschool games can help reinforce basic math and literacy skills for children.  Here are the top 5 apps for improving early reading skills.   We hope your child enjoys these apps that Kids Activities Blog has pulled together.

Preschool Games for Early Reading {Top 5 Apps}

Preschool Games

My household is one that has a strong culture of apps and gaming including preschool games. My husband grew up with video games and four kids later, he is still a gamer. I can often be found virtually hoarding on the Pinterest app or trying to decide which Instagram filter to apply.

Apps and gaming are where my boys are at now too, and I want to meet them there.

Top 5 Apps

Here are our Top 5 Literacy apps for preschoolers, as tried and tested by my family (husband & boys: gamers to the core & me: teacher and avid app user).

Early Reading apps for Kids {Top 5 Apps and Preschool Games}

Early Reading

I Write Words. This was the very first educational app I purchased. My twins were only toddlers then. They’ll be starting school next year, and they still enjoy playing this app. It’s a fun way to learn how to write letters. The animations and little activities at the end of each lesson keep kids motivated.

Touch and Write by Fizz Brain Apps. This app embraces the principles of  rainbow writing. It  integrates visual,  kinesthetic  and simulated tactile  modalities to learning. Kids can write in 16 different writing textures (our favorite is chocolate pudding), and there are 28 different papers, some with line guides. You can even make lists of your own words to practice.

Preschool Games for Literacy {Top 5 apps for Early Reading}

For Literacy

Funimal Phonics. This is a flashcard app, but it’s a very polished one. The illustrations are fun, letters and sounds are clearly shown and it’s easy to use.

Reading Raven by Early Ascent. Regardless of where I sit in the whole language vs. phonics debate, I am impressed with how much this app squeezes in. Kids can even record themselves reading and play it back.

Top 5 apps for literacy {Preschool games for Early Reading}

The Singing Alphabet by Ministry of Letters.  Who would have ever thought phonics could sound so beautiful and be so fun? Very clever app that is literally music to the ears.

More Kids Activities

Which preschool games and apps does your child enjoy?  Which ones would you put on their Top 5 Apps list?  We’d love to know!  For more kids activities for literacy, you might want to take a look at these great ideas:

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