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Kim is a homeschooling mom of two children. When she isn't on a nature hike with her kids, she can be found scrapbooking about their adventures and possibly sneaking a bite of chocolate. She writes about motherhood and family fun at Savor the Days.

Things that Glow: Balloons with Glow Sticks

Glow Balloons Main Image KAB

I recently went to Wal-Mart to shop for party supplies.  One of the items I wanted was a bag of balloons.  I found the balloons but also discovered a fun new kind of balloon – LED balloons!  They have a little light in them that is activated when you pull out the tab.  Then you […]

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10 Things to Do with Kids in Melbourne, Australia

10 Things to Do with Kids in Melbourne Australia from Kids Activities Blog

The city of Melbourne has a vibrant atmosphere and attractions galore to keep the littlest of adventurers with something new to explore and discover daily. From the bustling cosmopolitan city to the stunning coast lines and allure of the mountains and Yarra Valley, you will find family fun to suit everyone’s tastes in Melbourne and […]

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Preschool Activities: Cheerios Bracelet

fruit loop bracelet

Toddlers can make Cheerios bracelets to strengthen fine motor skills and work on counting and patterning. We love Cheerios in our house. We eat them for breakfast all the time but we also play with them too. Do you remember those fun candy bracelets where candy beads are strung on a piece of elastic and […]

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How To Make Erupting Soap

Ivory Soap Eruption

How to make Erupting Ivory Soap: If you think baking soda and vinegar eruptions are cool then you’re going to love what happens to a bar of ivory soap when you put it in the microwave!   What you need: A bar of Ivory soap (no substitutions allowed) A microwave safe plate A microwave Yep, that’s it! […]

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Best Books to Celebrate the 4th of July {Independence Day for Kids}

12 books for kids about americas birthday

We have a list of the best books for learning about America’s birthday.   There are the best books about the 4th of July. Some are educational ones and others full of great crafty ideas. Kids Activities Blog loves to see kids learning about America’s Independence Day so we hope your child will enjoy this special collection […]

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Fathers Day Stepping Stone

father's day stepping stone

When my children said that wanted a homemade gift to give to Daddy for Fathers Day I knew just what to do. Last year I saw this post that showed how to create a Fathers Day stepping stone. So, we made our own Fathers Day stepping stone! I was very intimidated to work with concrete.  You have to […]

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April Fool’s Day Breakfast Prank

breakfast prank for kids - Kids Activities Blog

I don’t usually get into April Fool’s Day pranks and jokes but last year I really got the kids with this little prank! I started the night before with two regular bowls of Cheerios and milk. Breakfast at night? No, not quite. I fixed the cereal as usual but then stuck them in the freezer… […]

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Nature Craft: Collage

make a nature collage

My children love to collect leaves, twigs, and flowers petals anytime we are outside.  We have quite a collection! But what can we do with all of these “treasures”? Make a collage! On our most recent walk to the park, my daughter brought her Elmo bucket along to help her collect items she wanted to […]

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Catch a Dollar {Easy April Fools Prank for Kids}

Dollar prank for kids

 Catch a dollar…if you can!  This easy prank for kids is fun for the whole family.  We at Kids Activities Blog hope you have a fun and memorable April Fools Day with your family.   Catch a Dollar Catch a dollar is a classic prank that kids just love.  It is perfect for April Fools […]

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Snowman Pancakes

snow man pancake activity for kids

We made Snowman Pancakes.  Pancakes and winter just seem to go together!  Have you tried our kinda lemon pancake recipe? Or celebrated If You Give a Pig a Pancake activities recently? Snowman Pancakes They were super easy and so much fun! All you need is prepared pancake mix, chocolate chips, and whipped topping. Step 1: […]

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10 Things to Do with Kids in Grapevine, TX

10 Things to Do with Kids in Grapevine Texas - Kids Activities Blog

Grapevine, Texas is centrally located between Dallas and Fort Worth. While it has an historic charm and sophistication, Grapevine also offers lots of fun with activities for everyone in the family. 10 Things To Do with Kids in Grapevine, TX 1. Nash Farm – Step back in time and experience life on the 1850’s farm.  Kids can […]

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10 Things to Do with Kids in Baton Rouge, LA

10 Things to do with Kids in Baton Rouge LA - Kids Activities Blog

Baton Rouge is a great place for a family vacation.  There is great food, historic sites and museums to visit, water parks, and lots of fun activities for all ages. 10 Things to Do with Kids in Baton Rouge, LA 1. Tour the Historic Magnolia Mound Plantation – Discover the history and architectural beauty of a real […]

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How to Get Gum Out of Hair {Tips for Moms}

How to get gum out of kids hair

I didn’t think I would need to know how to get gum out of hair but I can count on my kids to teach me something new every day.  Here are some tips for moms that I hope you never actually need to use. How to Get Gum Out of Hair My daughter and I […]

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Learn about Animal Camouflage on a Frog Scavenger Hunt {Free Printable}

Learning about Animal Camouflage from Kids Activities Blog

Animal camouflage is nature’s way to protect and hide creatures from their predators.  Kids love a good scavenger hunt so I created a camouflage frog hunt to help my daughter understand how an animal’s coloring can help him hide in his surroundings and therefore stay safe. Animal Camouflage To create this activity, I used a little […]

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The Science of Fire

Science of Fire

While talking about fire safety with my children the other day, we got into a discussion about the science of fire.  My kids wanted to know just how does fire burn?  Here is a demonstration of what we learned. Science of Fire Fire is mystical to children.  Therefore it is critical that children learn the […]

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Sticky Tongue Frog Craft

Sticky Tongue Frog Craft

My daughter and I were reading about frogs and she thought the idea of their sticky tongue was really funny.  She ran and found a blow out party favor and showed me how the frog’s tongue pops out to catch flies.  And so this silly frog craft was born. Preschool Craft Supplies For this craft […]

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Dramatic Play Time! Make a Pretend City with Paper Bags

Make a Pretend City with Paper Bags

Kids love to imitate the world around them through dramatic play with action figures, costumes, and play food.  Here is a simple way to create a pretend city for your child to act out their imaginative stories. Dramatic Play Young children learn by looking and listening.  They closely watch what those around them do.  In […]

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Playful Fine Motor Skills Painting Activity

Fine Motor Skills Painting Activity - Kids Activities Blog

Developing fine motor skills is one of the most important skills a preschooler can work on.  Today we have a preschool painting activity that is fun for young kids but also helps to build up those important hand muscles that they need to use in learning how to write. Fine Motor Skills Strengthening hand muscles […]

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Take a Nature Walk on an Unnatural Trail {Conservation for Kids}

Explore an unnatural trail {Nature activities for kids}

A nature walk is good for body and mind.  But add a simple lesson on conservation for kids and a walk through the woods can also be beneficial to nature. Kids Activities Blog understands the importance of kids learning to recognize what is naturally found in the great outdoors and what isn’t.  We hope this Unnatural Trail […]

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Sprinkles Cupcake ATM = 24 Hours of Heavenly Goodness

Sprinkles Cupcake ATM

I love cupcakes.  They make delicious treats….and an especially great midnight snack. But I don’t make my own cupcakes and I have yet to find a store that is open at midnight that actually has good cupcakes. Well, my search is over.  I have found the ultimate way to satisfy my cupcake cravings any time, […]

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Family Fun at the Mesquite Rodeo

family fun at the mesquite pro rodeo

Would you like to find an outing for wholesome all-American family fun in the Dallas area? Last weekend, we were feeling kind of tired of the usual museums, exhibits, and playgrounds and needed to find something new to do as a family.  We live in the burbs and consider ourselves “city folks” but we decided […]

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10 Things to Do with Kids in New Orleans, LA

10 Things to Do with Kids in New Orleans - Kids Activities Blog

New Orleans, LA is in a world all its own. It is full of culture, good food, and entertainment. My kids love the “Crecent City” so they have helped me put together a list of top 10 favorite things to do with kids in New Orleans. 10 Things to Do with Kids in New Orleans, […]

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Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus is Coming to Town!

The circus is coming to town

The Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus is coming to town!   The show is called Dragons and my kids can’t wait to go. The circus opens in a few days but we had a great opportunity to see a preview of some of the actual circus performers last week.  The clowns were crazy […]

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Exploring Pond Life with Kids

Exploring Pond Life with Kids from Kids Activities Blog

Pond life can be fascinating for kids.  My son has always loved looking for water bugs but now he is even more fascinated by them after this activity. Kids Activities Blog encourages parents to let their kids get fascinated with nature and the great outdoors with simple activities like this. Pond Life Ponds are great […]

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Make a Crystal Mine for Kids

Earth Science for Kids: DIY Crystal Mine

We have been studying earth science lately.  Volcanoes, earthquakes, and rock hunting – oh my!  We have been learning about crystals and this DIY Crystal Mine was a big hit with our kids. Kids Activities Blog encourages learning with hands-on fun activities like this. Make a Crystal Mine! Earth Science involves the study of the Earth.  It […]

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The First Tee: Free Golf Lessons for Kids {and Parents} in Dallas Area

The First Tee Junior Golf program: Where kids learn golf and life skills

My son has been wanting to take golf lessons.  However, he has already taken lessons for soccer, swimming, karate, hockey, and archery.   Some of those activities required a hefty expense in gear in order to participate. Golf seems no different.  How many clubs do we have to buy so he can try out the […]

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Turtle Rescue Center at Sea Life Aquarium Grapevine

Turtle Rescue Center at Sea Life Aquarium Grapevine

Sea Life Aquarium has unveiled their new Turtle Rescue Center which provides a permanent home for two non-releaseable endangered Kemp’s Ridley sea turtles, Roxy and Squirt.  My son loves sea creatures but especially sea turtles so he could hardly wait to visit them as soon as the exhibit opened. We watched the turtles for a […]

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How to Brush Your Teeth with a Giant Mouth Model!

Learn how to brush your teeth

It is important to learn how to brush your teeth from childhood through adulthood.  It can be hard for children to really understand the proper way to floss and brush so we made a model mouth to practice with. Kids Activities Blog hopes your child has fun with this project while also learning how to brush […]

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Make a Rocket: Easy Rocket Science with a {Tea Bag} Homemade Rocket

Easy Rocket Science for Kids: Make a Rocket with a Tea Bag

To celebrate the 4th of July, we learned how to make a rocket.  It was fun and my kids learned a little bit about rocket science at the same time.  Kids Activities Blog hopes you have a little fun with your own homemade rocket this 4th of July. *** NOTE: This activity involves fire so […]

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How To Make A Compass

how to make a compass

My son loves making cool gadgets.  For his latest creation, he learned how to make his own compass. The supplies are simple: plastic lid or shallow bowl needle or straight pin a bar magnet a slice of cork/styrofoam or the top of a plastic milk jug some water Step 1 I helped by using a […]

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