My kids love balloons.  What kid doesn’t? We draw funny faces on them, do static electricity experiments with them, hit them up in the air in our own version of indoor volleyball. But it’s even more fun when you make a balloon bracelet.

Make a Balloon Bracelet

I was recently in my local drug store and I notice a little basket full of balloon bracelets.   They were cute but the idea is so simple that I just had to try making some myself. Supplies to make your own Balloon Bracelet:
  • balloons (any shape or size)
  • thin elastic (I used a cord elastic)
  • scissors
This is so easy! Let your child pick out the color pattern that they want to use.     They might choose to use their favorite colors, sport team colors, patriotic red/white/blue, or even a rainbow pattern.   We used narrow balloons that are usually used for balloon sculptures.   I like the way these look best but larger balloons will also work.   They will just make a thicker bracelet. Cut the balloons into strips.   Your child might want to experiment to determine which length they like best.   We settled on a length of about 2 inches.   I let my little girl help with some of the cutting because you really don’t need to be precise with the measurements.   The balloon pieces will all get scrunched up in the end. Wrap the elastic around your child’s hand for measurement.   Add about 2-3 inches to give some wiggle room in the bracelet and to allow enough extra elastic to tie off when you are done.   Cut the elastic. Thread the balloons on the elastic.   I temporarily tied one end of the elastic to a pencil just to keep the balloons from sliding off the other end during threading.   Kids will love threading their own bracelets. Once there are a few balloon pieces on the elastic you will need to start pushing them down to make room for more balloon pieces.   This was fun! make a balloon bracelet collage 2 Once your child is happy with the number of scrunched up balloon pieces on the elastic, tie a knot, trim the ends, and slide one of the balloon pieces over the knot to hide it.   My little girl is so proud of the balloon bracelet that she designed and helped make. But what should we do with all of those little balloon openings that were cut off? We made another bracelet with them! balloon bracelet collage
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  1. Wow! I’m loving this idea! Thanks 🙂 I think I saw this type of balloon at our local Dollar Store.