Color Changing Milk: A Creative Science Experiment

Science experiments help us grow.  Through experimenting and exploring we are able to ask questions, make assumptions, and then seek solutions.  We are able to learn more about the world around us.  Cerra is a company that is seeking to help people grow in seven different “intentions”.  As Cerra says, “By nature, humans are creative beings. We have a natural tendency toward curiosity that allows us to tap into our creative energy. Asking questions, solving problems and trying new things all allow us to cultivate more creative energy.” Today, we grew in our understanding of the world around us, in our sense of wonder as we did a science experiment with milk, food coloring, and dish soap.

color changing milk experiment

Science fun with milk

Our Question:  What do we think will happen when we add dish soap (a surfactant – i.e. it cuts grease and fats) to the milk?  How can we watch the surface tension “break”?

Scientific background:  Surface tension is an interesting concept, like molecules like to stick together.  Milk has surface tension, just like water, but unlike water, it is high in fat and is solid colored.  As the dye is less dense, it does not mix into the milk unless stirred.  It remains separate.  Dish soap breaks down the fat of the milk and decreases the surface tension in milk.

What we did in the experiment:  We put our dyes onto out plate, then added milk.  We then watched what happened when we added the soap.

Tips:  Use a glass bowl.  If you have gel dyes (like we did) add a few drops of water onto them to help them be absorbed more quickly.


What kinds of questions can we ask?

  • What did the milk look like when you poured it onto the dye? Why do you think that is?
  • What happens when you add the drop of soap?  Why did the “dyed milk” disappear?  Where do you think it went?
  • Why did the colors return after the experiment has been running for a while?


Thank you Cerra for inspiring this post – “I am opening up to new things that spark my creative energy”.  This experiment was a fun way for us to grow and foster curiosity in the minds of our kids.  It was fun watching the colors swirl, disappear, re-emerge and blend in this experiment.

What activities have helped you or your kids to grow as persons?

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cerra. The opinions and text are all mine. Official Contest Rules.  Thanks also to Cool Science for inspiring this activity.


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