19 Engaging Activities for 1 Year Olds

These fun activities for one year olds will encourage your tot to explore her surroundings.   Our favorite toddler activities have been researched and tot-tested!  Play with baby doesn’t require fancy toys or the perfectly designed nursery.  Activities for one year olds often use things already found at home in a unique way.

Favorite toddler activities:

  • Sensory Activities
  • Discovery Toys
  • Baby Toys
  • Craft Ideas for Toddlers

homemade Sensory toys for toddlers

 Sensory Activities for One Year Olds:

A lump of clay and household items or toys can keep a toddler entertained for hours!

You and your tot can go on a texture hunt, make a book of different textures to explore (via Bloesum Kids), use the lid to a box to create a sensory version of hide-n-seek with family photos (via Inspiration Surrounds), enjoy a washrag maze (via Lilla A), or match textures as you feel them inside balloons (via Tutus and Turtles).

All these sensory experiences can introduce your one year old to new things.

shakey bottle toddler I-spy toy DIY Discovery Toys for Tots

Discovery Toys for One Year Olds:

Toys don’t have to be fancy for toddlers to enjoy them!  Some of my infants favorites are created with items found around the house.

We made I-Spy shaking bottles, Imagination Tree added glitter to her oil and water bottles, over at Pre-school Play they have a smorgasbord of bottle ideas including one where they added marbles to shampoo, Southern Thomas added colorful items to plain water to create a collection of visual effects and Cluck, Cluck Sew made a bottle-free discovery bag for her kids to play with.

A trip to the toy store with your toddler in tow isn’t necessary when you can upcycle what you already have at home.

clipping toy for tots Recycled items toddler toys One Year Old Toys:

One of our most popular DIY creations is our toddler clipping toy – sure to entertain!

There are other ways to create toddler toys from everyday objects.  Counting Coconuts made blocks from tree branches, mix pipe-cleaners and a sifter and you have toddler poking fun (via The Imagination Tree), an old cereal tub or a large tin can when decorated becomes a drum (via No Time for Flashcards) and help your tot practice fine motor skills with pom-poms and a tupperware tub (via Engaging Toddler Activities).

Life is ALL about play when you are a one year old!

Art activities for babies toddlers

Craft Ideas for Toddlers:

Toddlers are about the process, not the end product, so crafting with a one year old is an experience all its own.

Finger paint with edible paints.  A Bunch of Keys made finger paint from condensed milk and The Imagination Tree made paint from flour and food coloring.  Don’t want to risk the mess?  Angelyn’s Life has a great solution.  Put the paper and the paint in a bag.   Tape it shut and watch your tots squish to their hearts content.

Have dried out markers and maybe a tot like mine who likes to color on herself?  This blogger made watercolors out of her old markers.

More Activities for One Year Olds:

Each week here at Kids Activities Blog, we host a kids meme, It’s Playtime.  If you have ideas for baby’s, toddlers, preschoolers, or elementary aged kids, please join in.  We would LOVE to feature you.  All these activities for one year olds were linked up on our Wednesday, It’s Playtime link up!

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