Playdough is fantastic for encouraging imaginative play, practicing fine motor skills, and strengthening hand muscles. If your preschooler loves playdough, they will adore Hidden Treasure Playdough! It’s a fun way to present small toys that children can use in their imaginative playdough play. Hidden Treasure Playdough is so much fun for kids!

Hidden Treasure Playdough

Supplies Needed for Hidden Treasure Playdough: (affiliates included) This activity is so easy to put together! Simply mix up a batch of your favorite homemade playdough or purchase several containers of prepared playdough. Directions: Next, press your finger into the playdough to create a small indent. Place a small toy into the playdough. Tip: If your child is feeling grumpy, try this simple playdough trick to cure their bad mood! Kids LOVE Hidden Treasure Playdough! Cover the toy by pressing playdough all around it. Then roll the playdough into a ball. Make your child Hidden Treasure Playdough for fun sensory play!Hidden Treasure Playdough Repeat with the other batches or containers of playdough. Hidden Treasure Playdough Invite your child to find the hidden treasures with their fingers (great for sensory exploration and strengthening finger muscles) or with a playdough knife (awesome for fine-motor control). Hidden Treasure Playdough What fun for little hands! This activity is easy to adapt for different seasons or holidays, too. Kids will be delighted to discover toys, gems, stamps, or mini cookie cutters in their playdough! Hidden Treasure Playdough for Kids

More Playdough Fun for Kids

Outer Space Play Dough Our kids love playdough and the truth is, we do too! Here are some more amazing playdough recipes to try! Leave a comment: What hidden treasures did you put in your playdough?     

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