Make a Friendship Bracelet Loom

This DIY bracelet loom is awesome! I remember friendship bracelets from my childhood. It was so fun to make one, wear it and then give it away. Sometimes my best friend and I would spend the afternoon making them together.

DIY Bracelet Loom - Make Friendship Bracelets

Am I the only momma with kiddos who love their accessories? 

The more they have the better!  Thankfully, friendship bracelets are so easy to make with this bracelet loom.

How to Make a Friendship Bracelet Loom

Several years ago I discovered these nifty bracelet looms but like all good things, it got stretched out, one of the kids decided to use it as a teething toy and one by one we lost them – but the concept of the loom stuck with me and this past summer we made our own.


To begin you will need to cut your lengths of thread:

    1. Measure the wrist you are planning on using and make the strands that are the alternate colors (not dominate color – in my case the yellow and green strands) twice as long as the wrist.
    2. Then make the dominate color (in my case the blue) three times as long as the alternate colors.

You will have leftovers, but it is better to have too much thread than not enough.

Tie the threads around a crayon or pencil to help stabilize your bracelet as you weave it.

DIY bracelet loom - how to make a friendship bracelet

1.  Create your loom by cutting out a square of the board, and mimic the lines pictured in the first image.  Carefully cut everywhere there is an orange line.  You will want a hole in the middle and slits on the ends.

2.  Thread your loom.  You will want your super long dominate color threads to go on each side and the alternate colors to go on the top/bottom.  Play with looks.  We have alternated colors and done stripes (ex: two of one color down the middle and the outer threads being a different color).

3.  Cross your side threads over each other by swapping them from one side to the other.

DIY bracelet loom - friendship bracelet weaving

4.  Start with a thread on the top right of the card and move that thread to an opening on the bottom right side of the  card. In the picture I am moving the green thread down to the opening in the yellow “side”.

5.   Move the thread at the bottom, (the one to the left of the thread), to the top.  In the picture I am moving the yellow thread from the bottom up to the spot that the green thread vacated.

6.  When you are finished with a “round” the colors should be on opposite sides of the loom.  Go back to step 3 and switch the side threads.

7.  Start with the last thread you switched.  So if you started before on the upper right and ended on the lower left, you will want to start on the lower left for the next round.

Continue weaving with your loom till you reached the desired length.

how to make friendship bracelets

Viola!  You have a friendship bracelet! 

Let me know if you make some – I’d love to see photos of your kids favorite accessories on our facebook wall.  Feel free to upload to your hearts content.

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