Paper Punch-Out Lanterns

Paper Punch-Out Lanterns are a new twist to the standard paper lantern. There are other ways to spice up paper lanterns, like this fun painted version. This paper punch-out version is still a kid-accessible craft, but this new look adds a touch of class and design. They would be great decorations for a party, kid’s room or outdoor BBQ.

paper punch-out lanterns

 What You Need To Make The Paper Punch-Out Lanterns

~ Colorful Paper

~ Mini Paper Punches

Instructions for Making Paper Punch-Out Lanterns

1. Fold paper length-wise. Cut slits along folded edge until about an inch away from the edge. Make sure the width of the slit is larger than the size of your mini-paper punches.

2. Bunch designs along the slits or edge as desired.

3.  Unfold lantern. Bring the two long ends together and staple in place.

4. Use a flameless tea light or candle to illuminate.

paper punch-out lanterns paper punch-out lanterns kids craft

paper lantern tutorial

I hope you have a lot of fun creating unique paper lantern designs with your kids. If you love paper crafts, I hope you will also check out these 15 Adorable Tissue Paper Craft, this great Fourth of July crepe paper craft,  and these beautiful paper flowers.

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