Do your kiddos have to create their own valentine bag or valentine box to collect goodies from their school Valentine’s Day Party? Make Tissue Paper Heart Bags with household supplies. Tissue Paper Heart Bags

Tissue Paper Heart Bags

This post contains affiliate links.  Decorate a simple paper bag with textured tissue paper hearts for a sweet and simple Valentine’s Day craft! The best part? You probably already have everything you need! For this simple paper bag craft, we made a homemade decoupage paste using sugar. Plus, you can change the design on these bags to work with any holiday or occasion. I want to make some with a balloon design for our next birthday party. They are sure to be a hit! Tissue Paper Heart Bags

What Supplies Do I need to Make Tissue Paper Heart Bags?

Tissue Paper Heart Bags

How to Make Tissue Paper Heart Bags

First, mix together the flour, sugar, vegetable oil, and water in a small sauce pan. Heat on low until the mixture is combined. Remove from heat — this is your glue! Tissue Paper Heart Bags Next, cut the tissue paper into squares. Draw a heart on your paper bag. Tissue Paper Heart Bags Use the paint brush to spread glue onto the bag, and inside the heart. Press a tissue square onto the glue, adding a dab of glue to the very center of the square. Squish the square around the glue to make it puff up. Tissue Paper Heart Bags Continue adding tissue squares to the bag, filling in the spaces inside the heart. Allow to dry completely. Now you are all set to celebrate Valentine’s Day! Tissue Paper Heart Bags

Ideas for Valentines Boxes for School

This craft could also be done on the lid of a cardboard box, cereal box, or shoe box–either painted, or covered with construction paper, first. Then just follow the directions above to glue the tissue paper heart onto it.  You can also buy a tiny crafting mailbox to decorate! *An adult will have to help with this option, however, since you might want to (carefully) glue the tissue paper on with a hot glue gun

Edible Valentine's Day Slime

Crafting with Sugar

Looking for more fun ways to craft with sugar? Check these out:  Tissue Paper Heart Bags

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Crafts and Treats!

I just love crafting (and baking!) for Valentine’s Day with my little ones. It’s a nice reminder to shower our family and friends with love, and sweet, homemade gestures like these:  How are you decorating your little one’s Valentine’s Day Treat Bag (or box)? Comment below!   

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