11 Process Art Projects for Preschoolers

Process art is all about the journey of the project, not the destination.  What appears as the end result is not what is important, but instead the creativity of the child.  Simply give your kids an inspiration and the materials and let them explore and form however they’d like.

Here are ways to explore process art with your children, inspired by Meri Cherry.

11 Process Art Projects for Preschoolers

11 Process Art Projects for Preschoolers

1.  Block Printing – Give your kiddos some old wooden blocks, paint and paper and let them use the blocks as stamps to create.

2.  Wood Working – An activity that involves engaging materials, decision making and outside the box thinking.

3.  Black and White – Let your kids explore black and white by giving them a cup of paint and construction paper in each shade.

4.  Mirror Art – Get an old mirror no longer being used and let your kids draw on it with markers.

5.  Melted Crayon Art – Perfect for Easter, use crayons on warm, hard boiled eggs to create some fun designs.

6.  Winter Salt Painting – Create a gorgeous winter wonderland collage with salt painting and tape resist.

7.  Outdoor Wonderland – Bring some of nature inside and let your kids use things like leaves on their mural.

8.  Outer Space Mural – Offer foam paint, tissue paper, felt and any other ingredients you think might make a neat solar system.  This perfectly combines science and art!

9.  Wooden Ride – Use wooden pieces and old blocks to design and create a theme park ride!

10.  Invitations to Play – Here are five amazing invitations to play for toddlers and preschoolers.  Just set out the supplies and let them create!

11.  Pasta Art – Use different types of noodles to create art by dipping them in paint and getting messy.

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