How to Make Ribbon Flowers

Every girl loves bouquets. At least my girls love flowers.

Lots of flowers!

We were blessed with several dozen “spools” of ribbon from Kids Activities Blog sponsor, Hairbow Supplies, Etc.  (use our exlusive coupon code:  KAB20 for 20% off your order)!

There were SO many colors and patterns!

How to make ribbon flowers
Hairbow Supplies, Etc. sent a BIG bag of elastic ribbon over for my girls to enjoy.  SO many colors.  This was only a fourth of the ribbons they sent!  Each “slice” of ribbon has about 3-4 yards of ribbon.

That means TONS of flowers and headbands!

how to make ribbon flowers

How to Make Ribbon Flowers

According to my seven-year old, the flower above is the easiest ribbon flower to make.

You will need roughly 1 foot of ribbon, less for a smaller flower, more if your ribbon is thick.

Sew along one edge of the ribbon.  Then pull the strings to gather the ribbon into bunches.  Swirl the ribbon until it makes a “flower”.  We knotted the strings together after the flower was formed, then hot glued the flower to a “backing” to keep it in it’s “flower” shape.

Attach the flower to a hair clip.

DIY Headband Tutorial for kids

Thanks to Hairbow Supplies, we now have DOZENS of flowers and ribbons.  All the flowers pictured above can be purchased at Hairbow Supplies Etc. and with KAB20 coupon code, your order will be 20% off!

Watch later today for a tutorial for a mix-and-match headband.  You can make this headband and then easily swap out the flowers – it’s made using supplies from Hairbow Supplies, Etc. and is perfect for the girl who changes her mind!

Check out their facebook page to see even more flower/headband variations!

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