{Christmas Time} Hand Print Art

Christmas time is here!  Here is a great hand print art project to share the beauty of Christmas trees with those around you…and your child will have so much fun making it!  Kids Activities Blog hopes that you have a wonderful time with your kids as you make this cute craft and the many others great ideas we have for you.

Christmas Time

A part of the Christmas time that Rory loves are the Christmas trees.  Whenever we go into stores and see Christmas trees; her face lights up brighter than any light or treetop angel.  Although we have a beautiful tree all lit up in our house, we have decided that we needed a few more.  Rather than spend a lot of money buying new ones, we decided to make some!

These are so much fun to make and also make adorable cards for grandparents :)

Hand Print Art

Materials Needed:

  • paper
  • green paint
  • yellow paper for star
  • option: glitter and glue

Have your blank white piece of paper out and ready!   Lather your child’s litttle hands with green paint.  When your child places her hands on the paper, have them put them in the shape of a Christmas tree; one little hand at the top and lots of little and and fingers at the bottom.

Set aside and let them dry!

You now have beautiful Christmas Trees!  We added some glitter and a beautiful star at the top, but you can decorate them any way you want!

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