Christmas Craft for Kids: Make a Reindeer

You can never have too many ideas for a Christmas craft for kids.  This toilet paper roll craft is so adorable and easy too.  We hope Kids Activities Blog can make you smile with cute ideas like this.

christmas craft for kids

Christmas Craft for Kids

I have mentioned before Rory’s love for Reindeer, especially Rudolph.  As the Christmas season approaches and she sees them in stores, her fondness for them grows and grows.  Although we have already made some Reindeer with our handprints, we decided to make more to put around the house.

Materials Needed:

  • toilet paper rolls
  • eyes
  • scrap paper for collars
  • pipe cleaners
  • glue
  • item for a red nose
  • marker for a mouth
  • optional: bells or other decorations for reindeer collars

Toilet Paper Roll Craft

We first painted the toilet paper rolls brown for the reindeer bodies.  Set them aside to dry.

When they are dry; poke two holes in the sides of the toilet paper rolls.  Put one pipe cleaner through the hole and twist the two pieces together at the top of the toilet paper roll.  You can now shape the antlers in any way you want.  We played around and bent ours a few times, Rory  really enjoyed bending them all over the place.

Make a Reindeer

Next we added some glue and attach some eyes and nose.  (If you are using a big red puff ball, like we did; I recommend using a lot of glue or hot glue!)  Draw a smile for a mouth, if wanted.  Finally we glued a small strip of paper for a collar.  We attached some bells on the collar, we realized that we needed pretty strong glue for this, so I used hot glue.  After playing with them for a while, Rory decided she wanted stars instead of bells, so she pulled the bells off.

There are now Reindeers everywhere in our house!

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