Paint Craft: Silhouette Art

Nurturing the seed of  creativity in our kids is a beautiful thing!

spray painting silhouette art

My love for painting and all things art was developed at a very young age and I believe it was because of all of the encouragement I received from my parents and teachers.

silhouette art ocean

I still remember in Kindergarten, my teacher praising my work as if I was the next Picasso. I was far from becoming the next Picasso but she loved encouraging us.  I am sure she did this with every child.  My desire is to find ways to help my children explore their artistic side and nurture their creativity!

Supplies for this silhouette art project:

spray paint silhouette art supplies

1. Have your kids place stickers where they want them on thick white paper. For our ocean scene I used letter stickers and fish stickers.

2. In spray bottle mixed 4 tbl of water and 1/4cp of paint, approximately.

3. Spray paint your paper.

4. Once it’s dry peel your stickers off and you have your silhouette art master piece!

Note: If your child goes wild with the spray paint you may need to dab it w/ napkins so that it will dry. You can also use masking tape to make shapes, letters, designs.

paint jill

Painting is a fun creative way to express oneself.   Here are some other fun painting projects from the Quirky Mommas:

  • Things to Paint With: A Party Blower – Dip a party blower into the paint and then blow it towards the paper. What a unique idea!
  • Fizzing Sidewalk Paint–   Sidewalk chalk is fun, painting is fun, making things fizz is also fun! Let's do all three
  • Preschool Craft: Shaving Cream Painting – By mixing tempera paint into a cup of shaving cream, your paint will go farther, the colors will be more brilliant as they dry and the paint is no longer spill-able as the shaving cream makes it stick to the cup.


  1. For my son the spray paint bottle was like holding a gun. I had to move out of the way a couple of time, lol. ~mari

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