Learn about Plants with Flower Dissection

IMG_2078This week’s learning theme is plants.   We got lots of rain last week and tons of flowers as a result.   Today we decided to dissect a flower.

We didn’t use all the scientific terms, but my three year old had fun identifying the petals, the pollen, the stem and leaves.   She loved looking into the stem and seeing the hole, like a straw, that sucks the water and nutrients into the flower.   We even tried using part of the stem as a straw.


* Thanks to Tulip Test Gardens for their educational resources and the above image.

This activity is part of our learning activity theme.   For more activity ideas click the link below:



  1. Hi! i’m grd.3 and in science we learn parts of the flower..B)

  2. Hi! I’m in 4th class n I’m doing a project on flowers. Any ideas??????

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