Hairstyles for Girls

When I was in Ethiopia, last year adopting our boys, I got my hair braided and boy. oh. boy! Did my gals every think I was “spify!” They loved the new hairstyle that I came home with and ever since then we have tried a variety of “new” hair dos.  Here are just a few of the websites that have inspired some of our creations.

8 Hairstyles for Girls

Hairstyles for Girls

This is a totally awesome tutorial on how to cut your own gal’s hair.

This website has several girls hair style ideas including how to make a bow or even Rapunzel’s hair do.

This one is super simple – if you can make a pony tail, you can help your little girl with this “hairstyle by mommy”.

Hair, Hair, Hair.

Twisted ponytail.  I remember wearing my hair like this when I was a little kid!

Here are some more ideas on how to twist hair.  This blog has several great variations to try.

…and if you are twisting ethnic hair, I love how this website simplifies the “sections” for us.

8 hairstyles for girls

Hairstyles for Kids

What are your favorite hairstyles for girls?

We have gathered a few more interesting posts about hair and kids activities that we hope you will find helpful:

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