As our family grows, I love to find Practical Mom Tips to make life easier with the kids. Life can get a little stressful sometimes and having a few proven tips and ideas that work are always handy. These are just a few of my favorite practical mom tips and ideas. When kids are stressed they have a difficult time expressing their feelings which results in temper tantrums. Here’s some Tips for Temper Tantrums from moms who have been there. 20 practical tips for mom

20 Practical Mom Tips

20 practical tips for mom

Tips to Make Life Easier with Kids

.20 practical tips for mom

Everyday Life Tips for Moms:

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  1. OMG!! I absolutely love your site, the blogs are amazing!
    I am always looking for relevant information and ideas.
    Thank you, and keep up the great work.


  2. Hi! Thanks soo much for all the beautiful tips!. As a mum and a teacher, Im always looking for new ways to encourage good behaviour as well as learning everyday chores throuh playing. Last month I made a behaviour chart for my elder daughter with ten colourful stars to stick on the fridge (with magnets for each star) The idea is not just to give the stars away, but to earn them fair and square. So she really had to work out the way. Dont promise your child that if she does this…. she will get a star!!! Award her everytime she does something out of the ordinary or something you didnt expect her to do. As an example, tidyng uo her mess, putting toys in order, helping you with sth you didnt ask to, no weeping over silly things, being nice to her sister. My promise was that once she got all the stars (ten) she could choose to do any activity with the family. (And gave her examples a day out, going to the cinema, playing together, inviting friends home) hope you like it!

  3. Great tips! There were a few I have not heard of. I had never heard of a few. I have not had to remove crayon from anything yet but this will come in handy one day I am sure. For us this summer we will have lots of kids and family around because of our pool and I think we will have to have a spot where everyone has to keep their cup and they will have names on them. If it was just my kids I love the ideas of the magnets on the fridge but I think 8-10 magnets and cups would be too many.

  4. When my children were younger, my son could not eat a Popsicle fast enough. It would drip clear down his elbow. I solved this by buying plain sponges and cutting them in two then cut a steak knife size hole in the middle. When it was time for a frozen snack I would wet the sponge, wring it out, and slide the stick through the hole. When finished I would add a drop of dish washing liquid, rinse it out, and prop it up on it’s edge to dry. No more mess!

  5. Enjoyed the idea of putting the magnets on the side of the cups. I think you can use Velcro, too, if you’re worried about the kiddos swallowing magnets. Would be helpful for adults with disabilities, as well, to conserve energy and make items more accessible. One of the most wonderful things I ever saw was a TV remote Velcro-ed to a person’s laptray when I was on a therapy home visit. Even if I think TV watching can be hazardous to one’s health (and soul) I felt this was a great way for the person with poor mobility to exercise independence. Keep on writin’! Karen

  6. Thank you so much for including our snackbox and busy box. Hmm, perhaps I can be a Box specialist, lol. 😀 Thanks guys. That’s a really useful post 😀