Homemade Gifts Kids Can Make: Sugar Scrub

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My son’s preschool celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week a little bit ago. I told him that teachers love to be pampered, so we decided to make some bath bombs (because with a name like that, who wouldn’t want to make them?) and some homemade sugar scrub.

This week I am going to share our simple kid-made (and personalized) sugar scrub with you. Sugar scrub is really simple to make with kids and lovely to way to pamper yourself.

Materials Needed:

  • some sort of jar with a top (we bought ours in bulk in the wedding favor section at Michaels because I thought they were so cute).
  • ribbon
  • alphabet stickers
  • sugar
  • oil (olive oil, almond oil, or another sort of simple not smelly oil).
  • sugar
  • essential oils (I bought lavender, jasmine, and vanilla)
  • food coloring

TipJunkie has a great post sharing 14 Easy Homemade Sugar Scrub Recipes that I highly recommend checking out. We used this sugar scrub recipe by Maybe Matilda and tweaked it a little bit by adding food coloring.

Directions for Making Kid-Made Sugar Scrub:

child mixing in bowl

  1. Mix up the ingredients in a bowl. We used 3 cups white sugar, 1 cup and 2 tbsp of olive oil, 10+ drops of lavender (or any other essential oil), and a few drops of food coloring based on the color you want your scrub. I didn’t use too much food coloring because I only wanted it to be tinted a peach color and didn’t want to be rubbing food coloring all over myself!
  2. Pack mixed sugar scrub into a jar. We used large tongue depressors to scoop the sugar scrub into the jars.
  3. Decorate with some ribbon and personalize it with some stickers. We added a letter sticker for the first initial of who we were giving the gift to.
  4. Make a card or little note to attach to it and give it as a gift to someone you know that needs pampering.

My son also loved to smell the sugar scrub… so he spent a lot of time in this position. This activity gave us lots of opportunities to talk about the five senses and to work on measuring skills. Not only would this gift be great for teacher appreciation week, but you could also make it as an end of the year teacher gift.

Have you ever made sugar scrub before?

What are your favorite scents?

What are other “pampering” gifts that you could give out to teachers or friends?

What other homemade gifts have you made as Teacher Appreciation or End of the Year teacher gifts?

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