15 Simply Scrumptious Sugar Scrubs

We’ve gathered together the most gorgeous, fragrant and fun sugar scrubs to share with you today.

Using essential oils, these scrubs are so easy to make, you can do a different one each week or make a bunch to use as gifts for friends.

15 scrumptious sugar scrubs

DIY Sugar Scrubs

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We start with one of the prettiest scrubs out there! We’re in love with this colorful sugar scrub!

Combine the amazing scents of lemon and peppermint for this sugar scrub.

If you want to make your own flavors and scents, start with this super easy basic sugar scrub recipe.

Citrus sugar scrubs are always fun and fragrant, the perfect choice for any time of year.

These homemade sugar scrubs are  perfect for early in the morning invigoration with that amazing lemon scent!

Marry the wonderful flavors of lemon and honey with this sugar scrub lip balm recipe. Perfection.

Let the little ones help out with this easy kid made sugar scrub recipe!

15 diy sugar scrubs you will love

Sugar Scrub Jars

After a long day, calming sugar scrubs  with lavender are the perfect choice, both for parents and kids!

Did you know you can use coffee in homemade sugar scrubs? So fragrant and wonderful.

For the littlest ones make sugars scrubs using baby oil! Soothing on the sweet baby skin (and mommy skin too).

If you don’t have time to go shopping, you can still make a scrub using things from your pantry. This brown sugar scrub is one of our all time favorites!

This lemon coconut recipe is so good it’s a perfect sugar scrub for daily use.

Sugar scrubs with grapeseed oil are definitely one of the favorite combos. We love the splash of peppermint added to this gorgeous recipe.

sugar scrubs you can make

Sugar scrubs for gifts

Kids can even make their own recipes using a variety of sugar scrub ingredients.

You can even make sugar scrubs with olive oil and coconut oil. This scrub is whipped and creamy.

Sugar scrub gifts are so much fun. This is an adorable fall themed candy corn scrub recipe.

Sugar scrubs are good for skin. This fragrantly, peppermint one will have you smelling and feeling your best.

If you are exploring how to use sugar scrubs, this gorgeous orange recipe can get you started!

Are you excited to try one of these amazing sugar scrubs? We suggest using 100% pure essential oils to make your sugar scrub amazing.

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