Fathers Day: Neck Ties


It is almost Father’s day!

Because Rory has the best Daddy we are trying to make some great gifts for him Father’s day so he truly knows how much he means to us.   Daddy loves all of Rory’s art work, it is hung up all over his office; but for father’s day I wanted to make something different!  I thought we could make him something he could wear to work.   We decided to make Daddy a nice fancy tie!

Materials needed:

  • Tie
  • fabric crayons
  • paper to color on
  • iron

*It does require an iron, but I made sure to use the iron when she was napping.

This activity really affordable and easy.   We bought a nice white tie and some Fabric crayons and started to color!

I have always wanted to use Fabric crayons, just to see if they worked and how well they worked.  I had Rory color on a big piece of white paper, we went through each color and she had a great time scribbling.  I made sure she pressed hard with the colors, so when I needed to iron the drawing on the tie the colors would be bright and vibrant!

crayon picture

I cut the paper up into strips so that the whole tie would be covered.  When Rory went down for a nap; I put the paper, colored side down, on the tie.  I held the iron down on the coloring for a few minutes at a time.

ironing colorful tie

The crayons worked great!  When I removed the paper there was beautiful scribbles all over the tie!  The color was so bright and I know Daddy will love it!

art on neck tie

Then your done!

A beautiful, one and only, Rory designed tie!

I can’t wait for Father’s day!

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