This DIY spy kit in a box is going to be the perfect little activity or gift to get your kids started on an amazing adventure! These imaginative games are perfect for hours of creative fun! DIY spy kit in a box

DIY Spy Kit In a Box

Your kids are going to have a blast when they learn that they can be a spy! You are going to love how budget-friendly, quick and easy this activity is (and how long it will keep your kids busy playing and using their imaginations!)

What you need:

  • Toilet Paper Rolls (two)
  • Yarn or string
  • Hot glue gun
  • Paper towel roll
  • Old Keys
  • Glasses
  • Old Phone or toy phone (you can get them at the dollar store)Spy Kit in a box
What you will do:
  • Glue the toilet paper rolls together. Add a string and you have a set of binoculars. (You can just hot-glue it to the side like this:)spy kit
  • Let them color the paper towel roll however they want in order to make their very own telescope.  You can use painters tape or markers to make it more decorative.  Our kids used tape and they drew all over them.   They even went back later, with their Creativity Kit, and added stickers and blue glitter to make them “magic” (because you need magic telescopes to see pirates in your woods!)spy kit
  • Put the rest of the materials into the box.  The phone, extra keys that you have found lying around the house, toy glasses, your cool binoculars and decorated telescope.  You could add to this by having a mustache, hat, whistle, compass ¦ anything that you would deem “spy worthy” would work in this box. spy kit 2
That’s it! Your kids are going to love pretending to a spy on a mission! Let them explore on their own or play with them. spy kit You could even give them a mission. Print out a map or make your own and show them where they can hide (behind the tree, under the table, behind the door.)   Hide something in a spot and mark it as “x” on your map ¦ x mark the spot!   spy kit Teach them how to tip-toe around so that no one hears them or sees them!  Teach them how to close one eye to look through their telescope and talk to them about how a telescope helps them to focus and see a little better (a mini science lesson!) spy kit Get creative and have fun with your kids and then send them off on their own mission! spy kit in a box Thank you for reading and sharing this post!  Enjoy sneaking around and creating with your own little Spy Kids! For more spy games, check out these Secret Codes for your kiddo!

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  1. This is so creative and easy to make. I have found kids really love these homemade kits – especially when they help put them together. GrowingPlay has some FREE spy missions to print and toss in the box that would add to the fun!