You know we love craft and activity subscription  boxes for kids.  We have tried just about every one there is… and this past week or so we got to explore Space Scouts.  “So Cool” –  those were the words of my 7 year old who was enamored by this activity box.

*Thanks Space Scouts for the kits, the afternoon of learning and for sponsoring this post.*

science activitiy subscription box for kids

What are Space Scouts subscription boxes for kids?

Space Scouts is an activity subscription service.  You sign up for the activity box and every month they send you a new planet, a new realm in space to explore with your kids. The first kit you get contains a lunchbox – so fun!  You can use it to organize and collect the activities that you will be getting each month. Inside the box is a large poster of outer space.  You track the constellations you visit and tour on the poster.   Each kit comes with a sticker that you can use to “mark” the destination in your scouting voyage.  There is usually a puzzler type of worksheet for your child to work through.  It might be a code, a riddle or a crossword.  Each month is a little different – the kits will be fresh and new to your kids. While my new 5 year old enjoyed the topics of the kit, a lot of  the activities  required writing and reading skills – so I would suggest that this kit be used by 5 year olds with mom’s help or 7-12 year olds independently learning. In this kit, we explored the moon.   how to make a movie with a flip book how to make a movie with a flip book You can “watch” the launch of the first space ship with a flip book movie – so COOL!!  Then your kids can recreate the rocket launch to the moon… with their very own flip book.  Color in the pictures included.  It was hard to be consistent with the same colors in the various pictures.  A good lesson in changing perspective for my kiddo.  The higher the rocket goes from the earth, it’s perspective of the earth changes, and our globe becomes smaller and smaller. Once your pages are colored, break them apart and stack them to create your own flip book – it really works!  Looks like a mini-animated rocket launch! learn about the cycle of the moon with oreos   Explore the lunar cycle of the moon.  There is a calendar that you can use, pasting stickers to match the current moon cycle.  The stickers were very realistic looking so they were helpful for our kids to use to compare to the moon outside their window. And of course, we *had* to bust out a container of oreos (not included in the box, but boy did their suggested lesson idea help the cycle “stick” with my kids.  And they ate way too many cookies till they could get the cycle “just right”.  Ha! Even after exploring constellations with our flashlight (and later going outside to see if we could spot the constellation we studied in the night sky), we still had an activity or two left in the kit for us to enjoy another afternoon.   There is also a manipulative and a spare activity sheet.  And my kid’s favorite part – there is a *special* toy!!  Each kit comes with a really nifty toy that matches what the kids learned about. explore constellations with a flashlight After you learn about that outer space body through the kit you can put a magnet onto your lunch box.  Keep touring till your box is filled with planets! Thanks Space Scouts for a fun afternoon of learning!  My son enjoyed learning about the moon with your kit! We can’t recommend these  subscription boxes for kids enough!!!

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